1. For a good reason Bitcoin bulls has been able to succeed in breaking the $9k resistance against the US dollars and now about to find a new support at $9k level against the US dollars despite many attempt made by btc bears to take the price below the support level. I think a lot of people would regret why not buy at the lower dip few weeks ago because i see this moment as a very strong bullish season which would trigger the move to bitcoin halving in May. My advice to all bitcoin investors out there is to seek a professional trading guide from a mentor like Mr Gary Keener. Due to some personal research conducted few months ago about a working strategy/daily signals, i got to know about Gary Keener who is a pro trader and signals provider that turns out to be a dream come through, during my first month of following Gary’s guide and trading signals, i was able to accumulate and grow a total of 4.9btc with my initial 1btc within a month. I would say, while you are wishing for the future of bitcoin, it is best advised you start building a strong portfolio ahead. Gary can be contacted via Telegram @garykenner12 & WhatsApp: +1 (941) 315 – 2765. for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  2. ho sissy,merun k pla channel di mu sinabi..heheh anyways. ok na nakita ko..😘🌺
    kaso graduate na ako sa bitcoin things sa akin..hehe, years ago,

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