Trading Bitcoin w/ Joe Saz – Price is Popping, Now What?

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  1. Just catching up on these videos now…why in God's name would you short an obvious inverse head and shoulders on the 1D chart and hold onto the trade as it's turning against you in a strong way. I hope for Joe's sake he came to his senses quickly and cut the loss or at least hedged long

  2. This year hold greater heights for bitcoin as there are various predictions from bitcoin expert and analyst saying bitcoin will break it’s all time high but currently it’s trying to recover from its recent dumping so now makes it the best time to buy and accumulate while waiting on the bull run. DCA is a rather crude method of accumulating that’s why I trade with strategies that have a sure success rate and currently for three months now I have been trading with Allan Shaw daily trade signals and I have grown my portfolio to 15 BTC just by implementing his trade signals into my trade his signals are so sound, accurate, efficient and it gives you consistent winnings in your trade. I urge all investors to find suitable guides/strategies that works and gives you consistent profit instead of just hodling blindly and by the way Allan could be reach on WhatsApp ( +48 732121976 ) and Telegram @Allanshaw for more insights into becoming a better trader.

  3. The problem with Tone's hypothesis that the 13.8k pump happened due to a move away from altcoins is that the altcoin market cap increased during that period. So market share decreased but the absolute market cap is what matters.

    For instance, ETH went from $11 billion to $35 billion in market cap.
    XRP went from $11 billion to $20 billion in market cap.

  4. BTC wont drop at $5000 because simply too many people believe in this scenario. I was totally convinced that $6400 was the current beat market bottom. If Feb-Mar are at 7500-8000 levels then forget about 5000 for sure.

  5. Haha this bald dude is mental always.. He just cant overcame, that he sold at 5k and now he wants to buy again at those levels.. Using only seqential gives you nothing, try something else.. It will suit you

  6. Your Predictions are an Absolute JOKE & ALWAYS HaVE BEEN. Elmer Fud boy-
    You-Mario Rubini and Craig Wright should have yourselves a cute little circle jerk. pathetic punk

  7. Serious question. Not trolling. If you back test the TD indicator, does it predict price with 95% confidence? If not, why not at least include S2F to your abalysis?

    Sugar producers produce more when price spikes… Bitcoin producers cannot.

  8. I watched every single one of your shows back then and you have been bearish around 80-90% of the time since today. How can you be bullish from 16-18? Half of your show is always how right you have been, the other half is how bearish you are.

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