1. Thank you for posting this Video.

    I hope you get the chance to make more videos with other specific experts on Eliott Waves for example.

    Thankks Again @ToneVays for your efforts

  2. No need for a fancy obv analysis of the top of 20k. was a massive RSI divergence between the peaks of 17k and 20k that even a trading fish like me could spot. Just like the massive RSI divergence at the peak of 2014 (1200) and it´s former top. Telling you that the bubbel has arrived at it´s top, and down we go, and so far the bubbel of 2014. In fact Everything seems to play out exactly like 2014. even the Bounce from the 50 ma weekly happend just like 2014. So from now on I listen first to bubbel of 2014 second to the youtubers :).

  3. Keep waiting for 12K. Institutional money came in at 6K and OTC sellers are gone. Anyone that has visibility knows this. Bear is OVER. Keep waiting, staring at charts and looking at clouds though. Volume and big money came in. End of story. Go long.

  4. Roger Ver and Donald Trump are the best examples of ppl with followers that arent followers.

    We follow for the lulz…
    Like Roger Ver… he gets fewer likes than a regular price bot, but has a huge number of followers.
    Also he gets slaughtered by 99% of the comments.

    Same with Drumpf

  5. Hi Tone! very Usufull your Strategy for EMA 128, AMAZING Backtesting, THANK YOU!. I Hope to see again in the next LabitConf 2018., your presentation was a perfect prediction of what we are living now in Crypto.

  6. Climate change LOL Tone climate change is melting your hair down your forehead 😉 We have millions and millions of years of natural climate change data by drilling ice cores in glaciers. CO2 has increased like a bitcoin rally since man started burning dinosaur turds in the mid 1850s. Relax I agree with almost everything you say besides the climate change and litecoin scam, we are more agreeable than not by far. Wheres Leah surfing?

  7. Great stream Tony. Really great info, really appreciate the knowledge share Nick. Always learning.
    ~ Life is a learning sandwich; it begins at birth, finishes when we pass on, which helps us answer the question of 'How old are you?' instead of having to answer 'It's complicated'. ~ Bit random, Not sure where that came from or why,, But hey! LOL

  8. he is talking about shorts , in the worst times , the stop lose is so high that it is not even worth it to take the risk on that, i think he has the worst trading system ever! you should look at volume if you are looking on the day charts!! there is no way around it ! and on top of that he is not even trading. if he had his money where his mouth is he will lose his life!

  9. tone
    i watched the 2000 btc 1 min candle
    it was a 2000 btc sell wall that appeared, then about 3 seconds later vanished and instantly became a 2000 btc sell.
    It was ALL PRICED at the SAME spot price.
    So it didn't move the market, it was nothing but an instant buy on a GIANT sell wall.
    Message? Yes, it was a message to anybody thinking about placing another sell wall.
    It shows there's an entity not unwilling to spend 18million on 2000 btc ALL AT ONCE.
    That shows they're well funded… don't mess with them.

  10. Tone, I see you're going to be working with Haejin Lee. I used to follow Haejin on a regular basis but decided to stop because his analysis seemed to always conclude that the markets are headed up. After we were well into the bear market his analysis finally began to occasionally suggest that prices could dip lower rather than sky rocket. I like your work because you shoot straight. I appreciate that because I can certainly agree with you. I'm just so surprised that you would work with someone who seems to panhandle rose colored glasses rather than be straight up with his audience. Be careful my friend.

  11. What is the result of current low volume in bitcoin and bitfinex fomo pump … ?! Exchanges scaming their users robbing accounts long and short recently… ?

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