1. 22:00 why would the government confiscate stuff? it will just create civil unrest….they will just print into hyperinflation which also gives them an excuse to introduce a digital currency in the end. They will only start to confiscate in hyperinflation to back the new digital privacy-killing-bullshit

  2. So Tone, are you so blinded by your hate for alts you can't see the HUGE exposure PayPal is going to give all cryptos???
    It's a huge development for that reason alone.

  3. Tone, Ugly is correct. They will definitely go after retirement funds and all other assest. They want people to be poor as much as possible, that is why the lockdowns were introduced. So they can put everybody on Universal Basic Income, and take away all freedom left. They will try at least. It is up to us if they succeed or not.

  4. How 'bout some kudos to my man Tone!! Tone and Willie Woo nailed it the other day. BOOM!! BTC breakout bigly!! 20K test next!! Cheers Tone Vays!!

  5. Great show guys. I have a little message or perhaps some "advice" for any noobs in this space (both bitcoin and the trading bitcoin space) and it pertains to Tone Vays. I hope my telling you this can help reduce the number of stupidity cycles you will go through in the future.

    -First you're probably going to love Tone Vays. He knows a lot about trading and about bitcoin.
    -After a little while though, as you gain experience, you may start to think you're a bit smarter than Tone Vays.
    -You'll make a successful trade or two while essentially ignoring Tone Vays.
    -Then you'll check back and see Tone Vays is actually saying something that's the opposite of your big wonderful position.
    -Then you'll get quite mad and start to hate Tone Vays. And you'll go away testy.
    -Then you'll lose some substantial sats (bitcoin money that is) on one of your big wonderful trading positions.
    -Then you'll check back and notice Tone was actually cautioning against something you were attempting to do there.
    -But of course you didn't get the memo.
    -So you will gain a grudging respect for Tone Vays and his long years of experience.
    -Naturally you will have gathered lots of other experienced traders and teachers in your knowledge arsenal.
    -Then you'll start to make some pretty good trades while still keeping a wary eye on Tone's Vays.
    -Then you may have even more success and start to think once again that you have finally outgrown that Tone Vays guy.
    -Then you'll lose some more sats (but probably less than before) and realize there's no substitute for years of experience.
    -Then you'll swear to always consider Tone's take on things, but of course NEVER take any of it as direct financial advice.
    -So you'll develop a trading system that works for you with Tone Vays being just one helpful element of it.
    -And then you may truly surpass Tone Vays (and possibly everyone else) in some key area you have specialized in.
    -But you understand you will never overtake him in many other key respects.
    -And then bitcoin and your specialized trading system will start to make you rich.
    -And you will love Tone Vays all over again just like when you first started.

  6. I used to think tones all around thinking was amazing, fair, outside of the box thinking until he made a blanket statement along the line that "all liberals/democrats" want is luding and violence. Now I think he's on the take from maybe a russian propaganda machine and puppeting Trumps message that democrats are the killers and covid is safe for consumption. Not sure how a clear, logic, data driven thinker comes to these conclusions but it's time to find a better mentor of this space. He believes in specific top things strongly and considers everything next to it as shit. It's a pattern.

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