Trading Bitcoin With Ichimoku

In this video I am going to incorporate an asset that I have not discussed before, so here is our first look at Bitcoin the cryptocurrency which is a hot commodity at …


  1. great videos,,but can you please explain the time frames,, one day, 4 hour, 1 hour,,, when trading crypto with ichimoku,, cause it seem to me everything is different in a different time frame,, at one time frame we are not even in the cloud,, in the other we already break through,, quite confusing,, thanks a lot for the explanation)))

  2. Hey Chaos, recently started with btc, the second thing I was told (the first was to check your vids) was that the ichimoku settings for crypto should be 10,30,60,30 or 10,30,60,60 (they call the second one doublemoku) based on the 24/7 nature of it all. I remember you saying, "the creator spent 30 years developing ichimoku so I see no reason to mess with the settings". Would love to hear your take on this setting modification going on in crypto.

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