Trading Entry & Exit Strategy – Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin & Crypto?

Trading Entry & Exit Strategy – Is It Too To Buy Bitcoin & Crypto? Today I want to talk about trading entry and exit strategies. It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot …


  1. Right now is the time investors spend money to get it to work for them. The rich are steady buying stocks now and most trading the forex market because the world is sure to go into recession soon.

  2. Is it too late to get in? YES it is. It is too late. It's over. You missed the train. Bitcoin is gone!
    ( I didn't watch the video but I thought I answer your title )
    It is too late now. Buy in when Bitcoin is at 6k or 10k. Just my opinion. But I could be wrong, right?

  3. As a novice, the hardest thing is when it pumps, you think you have missed it, and wait for a retrace.
    Then it retraces and you think oh, it's on its way down, maybe it's dropping.
    Then it pumps again and it makes you cross. 😂
    I am battling this psychology. It's so bloody obvious, but also so hard to control.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. Hi Nug, do you follow Bob Loukas on YouTube? He’s a market cycle expert from traditional markets. His latest video “The next 4 year cycle has started” sums up everything really well. He also has a brilliant video called “Bitcoins 4 year cycle”.

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