Trading With Parabolic SAR Like a PRO (Forex Trading Strategy With PSAR & Ichimoku Cloud)

In this Parabolic SAR/Ichimoku trading strategy you will find out: • How to use parabolic SAR for Forex, CFD and stock trading • What are the best parabolic sar …


  1. Hey. I'm wondering why is it better to use Ichimoku Cloud instead for example VWAP or 200 EMA. Also, which of those indicators (Ichimoku Cloud, VWAP and 200 EMA) is the best for trading on 15min, 5min, 3min and 1min chart. Thanks in advance

  2. Thank you once again. Great knowledge. I have a question about the setup. We are only looking for the price to be above/below the Kumo cloud. But the cloud comes in 2 colors. Does that make any difference? Thanks for the answer.

  3. Man I really like your videos, and I know what I'm gonna say will be super disliked, but your voice… is a pain in the ass to listen to.
    Look for somebody (mother tongue) to read your video sentences.
    What looks a bad comment, might help you to increase your audience. Good luck man

  4. Thanks for the tips. You say they are winning trades but that's only if you exited in time before it reversed, what do you suggest as to exit a winning trade, trailing top or fixed stop? How much pips trailing loss etc?

  5. Anyone that solely trades MACD crossovers is going lose alot of money. It's a good indicator and It's one of the main ones I use but just like false breakouts, there are aloooot of false MACD crossovers or when it does crossover. Formulate a stricker rule-set than just MACD crossovers but I would recommend using the MACD with the ASH STRATEGY by aleksandrov as it is filled with compelling evidence and evocative information when back-tested. you can google it.

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