Trading with the Volume Profile (Advanced)

This video showcases the second level to using the Volume Profile. In this video – the Volume Profile is used to identify price breakout areas before they occur: …


  1. Hey man great video, question how much bars do u keep on the screen while using VPVR on trading view. Every time I decrease the number of bars I get drastically different results. Not sure how I can make this an edge if I can simply look for the answer I want to hear by increasing the data set. Thx for the video again

  2. how do you distinguish a HVN from a LVN? I intuitively thought that HVN is above the value area and LVN is below the value area.. but from the examples LVN can be above the value area as well. So my question is how to differentiate them?

  3. So I'm still looking for the answer to this question as noone ever answers it. How do you decide how far back to show on your chart?

  4. My question is about POC. I set the visible range and for example on a 5min chart if zoom to see only today than the POC is not the same as if i would zoom out and see on the chart for the last 3-4 days.I like to day trade,is it enought than to watch the POC for the last 1-2 day on lower time frame or we need to check also on 4h-1d chart where is the POC placed?

  5. Well thought out structure and great skill sets taught, made a difficult subject easy to understand for noobs to volume profile like me thanks a lot

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