Trezor Hardware Wallet Tutorial | Setup & Adding Cryptocurrency

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  1. Why does nano s or trezor or making a paper wallet keep telling me to use chrome? Do I have to have chrome to use any of these methods? I have been trying for YEARS to use google chrome and I just don't understand it. How do you know if you are on chrome? I have Microsoft edge and I don't know how to get to chrome. I have the chrome app on my start up page but I use edge as my homepage. I have installed and re-installed chrome countless times, and it looks like it is installed… but I can't find the pages you show.

  2. good vid, like you say, if someone has your private key (seed) with or without the actual hardware wallet, they (or you) can access your coin. good if the thing gets lost or stolen. bad if someone else has your seed. but that begs the question. who needs the actual hardware then ? because the storage is not on the trezor ? if the seeds alone will regain the coin. i dont get that.

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