Tronex 70% Daily and Rising Leaves Everyone SPEECHLESS! Is an Exit Scam Imminent?

http;// Welp…’s official. My mind is blown. So much so looking at other programs has no motivation for me. Why would I look anywhere …


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  2. I've been taking out once I hit profit, and have been taking out 100K TRX daily; this is crazy and everytime I look at it I expect it to be gone. This definitely feels like a casino, but I'm glad I went all-in. If it closes today, I'll be happy with what I've gotten out of it.

  3. I have been tracking this contract for weeks. Especially the Balance/Deposit Ratio. I am stunned the Ratio is going up currently at 70%. I was getting worry a bit when it went down to low 40%. That means the contract is getting more staying power. This confuses me a bit. Tron is going in so fast that tronscan cannot keep up with the deposits.

    This is really the 1st contract where the whales will lose out if they exit without reinvesting. They have more incentive to keep this going. Withdrawal percentage is where us little guys have the upper hand for once.

    We just have to play it right.

  4. I got my first 200% from Tronex. I could reinvest part of it. We are all walking in the same shoes asking what if…. I guess I wait now for a bit to see what happens although I am iching to invest again. By the way there will be a zoom call tonight with Tronex at 7pm UK Time.

  5. i doubt 100 percent will reach…but i have been winning not complaining in case anything happens if it happens….just saying ……..enjoying gooooooood returns

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