1. Excellent tutorial Jack, it seems very similar to the Phemex platform which is cool because that is what I'm using right now.
    I have 2 questions:
    1) at 11:54 you say "as if have nearly 10,000 BTC" surely that can't be right – did you mean 5BTC?
    2) at 12:04 the market price is very different from the ByBit price – why is that?

  2. I don't understand anything about bybit. I deposited 10$ and clicked on the long and I waited a while and when I logged in I saw I had nothing left, I guess they took all. I really don't understand how this works

  3. its a cool intro but we also need to know how to close out a portion of our trade. Lets say we traded with 1k and we wanted to cash out 500 and leave the other 50% in the trade. How would we put that in there. In as much as people try to explain margin trading I still don't get it, it always seems to me the only way to really make good profit on margin trading is to increase your actual position amount not the percentage

  4. Hi, when you say you hit market and it sells at the market price, even if bybits price is less will it still give you the market price regardless, just incurring you an extra execution fee? Same if you wish to buy let’s say market price is 8k but bybit price is 8050.. if I tap market will I get it at 8k?

  5. Hey bud, really liked your video because I’ve been looking to learn margin trading for days now but no one is in detail like you are so thanks a lot and please keep up the great work

  6. Jack what are the criteria does The United States Of America have in commen With North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Mainland China that we are banned to participate on using Bybits prduucts and services? And in the same token Bybit to profit and promote their products and services here on youtube? JUST saying.

  7. Is it possible to make a long that lasts days or weeks to fulfill? Say btc fell to a low and i long from 6k-9.5k. But that might take 1.5 weeks. How would I implement that kind of trade? Or is this for short term trading? And how short of a period? Hours? Days?

  8. great vid
    everything looks good…. but how do u know which ones to buy and when to buy them? there must be a strategy im assuming.. is there a video on your channel that goes over that kind of stuff?

  9. Still a little confused how this works. Why do you lose money when the btc price goes up and why do you gain if it goes down? Do you need to set a stop lose? Does the stop lose just stop you from losing everything due to leverage? What's the difference between placing a buy/long order vs. a sell/short order? When you place an order is it buying and selling for you continuously within a certain range or something or it's just a single buy or sell order?

  10. Thank you you explain it simply. Have signed up with bybit , paper trading with tradingview yet haven’t built up the confidence to place real money to trade yet. Think I may just start with $20 after this when there is a bull run. Is there any way you can get in debt here as in owing more than say the $20 if things go belly up? Thanks

  11. I live in the USA, in CA. Are they available for me? If not what do you suggest?
    I’m Not liking Binance it’s a horror just to join!! Thank you & I appreciate
    All your assistance & My friend & myself will be signing up with you with
    2 weeks or Less!!!😎

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