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  2. but if you are seeing different timeframes candles will be different. Could you explain how to be general? I dont get it, if someone is looking for an 4 hours chart, and another is watching a day chart they will have different analysis….So in what time frame can anyone relay on?

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  5. FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much, I must admit, I was ignorant in my approach to trading UNTIL I saw this video and the included material you have provided us with. Thank you!

  6. This is a great session on understanding candlesticks. I love the way he goes the extra mile to further help you understand the topic with a practice session. Thank you so much for this! Defiantly had to add to my subscription.

  7. shame you do not make each candlestick indicator's meaning clear in the document.
    not all labelled as bullish or bearish. It is understandable with downtrend uptrend etc but bullets points listing each as a buy indicator or a sell indicator would be helpful to beginners, in the page below the diagram

  8. Thanks for the informational videos! I wanted to point out a minor mistake, the 3 red candle sticks are called 3 black crows(according to your sheet) and not 3 black cows.

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