1. Thank you veeeeeery much, George. I caught your video by chance just hours before the first f2pool dump. Amazing job on calling this out 1st. What a champ!!!
    Instant favorite channel.

  2. Maybe it's not futures, but maybe they anticipate causing flash crash and put in super low buy orders.

    If we can hey access to the exchange order book history I bet theres some weird buy orders placed and filled for large amounts

  3. George… ETH going to $700 on Kraken was a glitch or error in the system. ADA was showing at 15 cents for a while too. Nexo uses Kraken as the oracle for the ETH crypto loans they issue. During the course of the dip they liquidated 100's of loan accounts only to later reject the transactions & give everybody their ETH back because the price listing was in error. I expect some more news to drip out about it in the next couple days.

  4. These MFs at F2pool are liquidating honest people´s money for their own convenience. These people should be sue for market manipulation, this should be investigated.

  5. I've sold my neighbours furniture, and dog. More money to catch a falling knife. 😄
    I had a dream that Mister Saylor had bought no BTC whatsoever, and was talking BTC & – by association his company value up. Genius.

  6. Brutal day for margin traders. I do feel a little bit bad for the people on Kraken who had their 2x positions liquidated. But long term this is probably good for the market as it gets BTC out of the hands of margin traders and into stronger hands.

  7. George, you don’t understand the Future Shorts. They sell Future and buy the btc. They make risk free money from the spread! So that might actually be the driver of the rally. They don’t care if BtC goes up or down or to zero. They will make money no matter what!

  8. You call it yesterday when the bull were drunk on hype. Now you'll be my number one crypto youtuber. You did well, brother. You gave us the correct information on the whales moving BTC to exchanges. Your best friend is the one that will make you hear the bad news when it is needed. Cryptoquant will now be one of my best tools.

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