1. Bitcoin won't take over. You know why? Despite it's power, the economy is still in governments control so if they keep using their currency, which they will, then Bitcoin wont take over. Im bullish but stay realistic

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  8. Did you trade the "rejection"?
    Did you trade the "breakout"?

    Of course not, because you just give, "it could go up" or "it could go down".
    You don't even back your own predictions, otherwise, you would trade them.

    Here is a prediction, BTC will drop to 6400 before it reaches 25000.

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  10. I think the reason why bitcoin isnt pumping is because the value of the dollar is decreasing. 20 dollar's of bitcoin today is not 20 dollars of bitcoin last year because the dollar has inflated. Compare prices in the grocery store. We have inflated the dollar about 100 percent over the last few years if you compare to consumer prices.

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