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  1. Bitcoin is currently trading slightly below the $7,000 resistance and this makes it or breaks it for the bulls because if the asset can hold and defend the $7,000 then we will see the asset rally to $9,000 region but if it fails to defend then we will see bitcoin decline some more but either way now’s a very good time to get in on the action and buy if you aren’t already an investor and also a good time for accumulating and increasing your holdings, which is exactly what am doing by trading with signals from Mr Raymond and with his accurate signals being copied in my trades I have been making an average of 8.5 BTC monthly for the past 9 months. I feel more expert and advanced traders should follow in his footsteps and provide services like his for the ever growing population of bitcoin traders. He can be reached on Telegram>—-> @Ray_trades and WhatsApp: +16174316054 for further inquiries or assistance.

  2. Does it not bother anyone that the BOE have stated they will require fintech companies to use along side CBDC and that factors such as Efficiency, Energy and cost and speed are a big deal.

  3. Not bullish but bullshit! Stop making fals videos and give people false hope, you only want vieuwers and fill your pockets with youtube money

  4. I really don’t see how bitcoin can have an economic meltdown because the system doesn’t work with any banking system and a large sum can be moved with the smallest transaction fee and the positive influences in the society are limitless, not to comment on the trading ability. You can practically sit on the couch and make thousands with the right trade signal and a good trader. Talking about good mentorship, I had struggled with the market making less gain and more losses until I met Mr. Kenneth Warfel. Not to sound biased, there are lots of GOOD traders out there but Kenneth has been of immense assistance to me, especially with his signals and strategies. .I have been making a massive profit off the market for about 9 months now and I have just been following the trade signals provided by Mr. Kenneth Warfel. You can contact Mr. Kenneth on Telegram Kenneth_warfel) for any crypto-related issue you are experiencing. I am spreading this for those who are having the problem of turning a consistent profit.

  5. Dont be a sheep be a wolf lol tell em chris. If not buying chainlink by now you sleep. You opportunity to buy at $1 now you have opportunity to at $3

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