140’000 Bitcoin will get distributed on this specific date… In this episode we are going to discuss if this event could trigger a colossal Bitcoin price dump.


  1. I don't believe all 140,000 will be distributed that day. Even if they are no possible way they will get sold that day. Probably most of those people have not touched BTC since. So to sell, they would need to set up accounts at exchanges. That takes a few days to verify bank accounts. Maybe 100,000BTC get sold over a few weeks, and probably OTC guys will try to step in and buy them out. I don't think the price will crash. Most likely price trades sideways for a month.

  2. I am waiting for my MtGox BTC, and I they will for sure not be distributed the day you are mentionning, it's just taking forever … and when I receive them, I will not sell them …

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  4. I think it should be managed. The actual giving back of bitcoin should be staggered as to not crash the whole thing and have it take ages to recover. However…. I wouldn't just assume they will sell. I mean some would wait for the all time highs, some would be happy for the crypto and not want to go back to fiat, some will probably sell and get out while the goings good.

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