WARNING: The Truth About Bitcoin

Lets talk about Bitcoin and what I THINK caused the recent jump in price – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan The YouTube Creator Academy: Learn …


  1. If you go back through the years it always has to do with the halving of Bitcoin. Bitcoin always has a large rise around 2000-9000% every 4 years. The last halving was this May. I got into it in 2017 when it was a decent price but everyone still complained about that… Any who, it is gonna have a large rise again this year up until around Feb 2021 when it will drop again for a 4 year winter until the next halving of which the Alt-Coins will rise or fall with it. Not sure what will happen to ETH or BCH. But Bitcoin will always rise because it's the standard for the entrance into the market and also out. Also, people need to understand Bitcoin is perfect for people in Third World countries because of the ability to divide it 1.000000000. We will see a lot of very wealthy, previously poor people from those areas in India, Thailand, South America, etc. PIN ME and if I am wrong in February 2021 I will come and let you harass me on your show!

  2. The recent trend is the fact that crypto currency traders can never be poor, crypto currency is the best form of investment anyone can carry out now . Sometimes when we have that specific money that we want to invest in a particular thing, we always focus on losing and then investing or spending money wrongly. One reason you need to invest in crypto amd it's technology is because, Crypto is changing the shape of the economy of any nation that approaches technology and that way, being an early adopter gives you a edge over others that Will buy into it late. While looking at the growth rate of crypto currency and the opportunity it presents ,why not look into it and have a rethink about the particular investment you which to make now. Bitcoin has changed my life because I invest in the Right way and one thing that gives me joy is because i also learn the concept of trading from a PRO to accumulate and hold more Bitcoin. Don't Soo much depend on YouTube videos if you have not known the concept and fundamentals cause you will end up making looses. Let a PRO tutorial show you how to get started on your crypto journey the right way. Using my first month of Mr Jeffrey's strategies and signals .I made profit up to 400%. My 2.5btc gave me a return of up to 8btc. Looking into this month as well . Do you have plans to achieve? I urge you to contact Mr Jeffrey on WhatsApp ☎️ +1(240) 407-7790 for all your crypto currency questions, tradings and investment for a mind blowing turn outs.. He's always ready to help..

  3. Not like you asked me lol but do you know why I keep coming to you? Cuz I don’t understand others about stocks, financing, etc. I mean, I’m educated, got a Masters in the social service but not financial stuff. You are a good teacher. Thank You!!

  4. I don't agree with this at all. Bitcoin's logarithmic trajectory remained on track during 2017, and has remained on track for the last 12 years… long before Tether was a thing. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BLX/uYKn9Nrx-Bitcoin-longterm-chart/ The driving force of the 2017 bull cycle was the same driving force of the previous bull cycles… it's the halvings. It's true that Bitfinex can move the price of Bitcoin by dumping tether, but the impact would be extremely small in the overall trajectory, even in your hypothetical scenario. Tether first became an issued by Bitfinex in 2015, so to say that Tether is responsible for the last bull cycle when this bull cycle was inevitable due to the 2016 halving is quite a stretch, and yes… I'm aware that Bloomberg reporters accused Tether of the 2017 cycle as well; however… these nonsense accusations were never verified.

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  8. Nice title and intro message bro. Clickbait much? Disliked. This video is one of the reasons I don't watch you anymore, way too much clickbait bro.

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