Watch CNBC's full interview with legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones at Davos

Paul Tudor Jones, chairman of JUST Capital and chief investment officer of Tudor Investment Corporation, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss the markets, interest …


  1. Joe Kerner, has no clue about anything. " we know a lot about this virus" just shows how ignorant this man is and how he says things with out any facts or knowledge, hence ignorant. Joe Tudor Jones a true trader with views and common sense.

  2. 3:15 “118 cases in Hong Kong, that’s a huge deal”.

    5 months later, 10.3million confirmed cases. PTJ was calling this what it was before most had even heard of it or wanted to acknowledge the threat.

  3. Sorry Mr Jones I know you're legend, but I tudi stock mkt to understnd & this is the mist evil industry excrpt for real estate. There arr mny of us thatferl this is evil. We couldcnge our od so all hve enough, but the mkt gsmes hsve captured msny people's lifr. Money is phoney fiat, but this playing with it vs using it to help the needy. You tslk freedo, but mny of us tt worked all our lives are hojeless due to mkt tinting RE eg ( the big short ). I feel all of you are sick & the Robin Hood gsme doesn't give people dignity, but our systrm lso does nt let them feel success as our ide of success is not making a crsp lod of money.
    Our idea of sccess is seeing sll penjoy life, hsve enough, helping othes, not collecting homes, cars, & all trpping. As Eschler paintings show, you ladder to success isnot ours, but we must live inflated houses with high rent whe n we k litte money. It is thd real estste cbsl mnopolh fter thd dtovk mkg mknopllh. All of yoj hvd inddr perks so it like chetjng= fstef comuterd, a tes , quik ngofmaion you ysd OPM- other people's money. We don't want tk play these games get hurt /destroy others' lives . But we should be allowed to earn enough to live. It's a sad world you helped carve for all of us. Perhaps we can get back to being human being now vs slaves- since fist is phoney anyway, don't you think it's time to end our suffering from your inflation ue to so much money printing ( part of which paid yoj big wage, bnuses, stock options). I would go on but the top thinks we don't understsnd (we do, e knkw it's all lies , cheating, greed etc ). We know a lot, too much as we've lived in countries yo horted, decimated.

  4. And this is why he gets Bitcoin, they have no idea how smart this guy is when it comes to understanding the words Monetary system and what’s about to take place, he was right about the economy, and he’s right about Bitcoin… don’t be on the wrong side of history.

  5. I wish I should have listened to this guy. I was watching this video when released and shrugged off when he said the virus was a serious danger to the stock market. stupid me.

  6. United States politicians have wasted hundreds of Billions of dollars that they could have spent on practical research to develop vaccines and anti-viral treatments. You reap what you sow.

  7. Everything used to be so overwhelming, I made lots of mistakes that cost me thousands but luckily one day I saw on a business evening show this professional trader ‘ Pamela Joy Andrus ‘ and she sounded so intelligent I had to search her up and I contacted her and I invested massively with her to trade for me and I made my first million after a few years.

  8. "Shareholder returns" at < 2% ?? I guess the producers in the finance sector of the economy don't craft goods and services practical for consumers at all income levels.

  9. Waiting and waiting for Joe to chime in with some good old-fashioned "profits at any cost" rhetoric. Sorry Joe: very encouraging comments about CEOs now willing to refocus business practices. It suggests to me that many more players in corporate America would embrace bottom up reform, and that, among the Democratic field, Michael Bloomberg would be the ideal Presidential candidate to bring that about.

  10. LOL… I do find all these “analysis” by that pathetic muppet with delusions
    of adequacy, alonf with so-called “financial experts” and presstitutes
    really entertaining sometimes – especially as they are now also blaming
    the corona virus for the "downturn in the markets".
    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the more they keep pumping up the
    ponzi bubble – again – the bigger the pop, it will make the criminal insanity
    of 2007 look like a fart in a bathtub…

    FFS, if the “united” states GDP is nearly 3/4 mindless, debt
    fuelled consummer spending and they are already maxed out in surging
    credit card and other forms of debt because they already have 3 or 4 or
    more TVs, phones etc. – and are also getting screwed on health care,
    student, car and now AGAIN on home loans – at the end of the day they
    can NOT afford to buy any more crap! And NO amount of absurd inflation
    or “employment” and “income” figures can change that!

    Therefore China WILL slowdown as their mindless consumption and
    increased debt won’t pick up the slack, which means they will be needing
    less raw materials which will affect many countries – especially Australia and
    Canada! And THAT “virus” will definitely spread around the world!

    Now add to that the fucking FED with Wall st. and the cesspit of London playing
    silly buggers with more “QE” (which makes other similar insanity look
    like small change in comparison) as well as the REPO fiasco and the
    parasites re-buy and trying to re-package – AGAIN – their grossly over
    valued crap, anyone really paying attention can see that the fan is now
    spinning out of control – AGAIN!
    So yeah, with many major players in recent years also grabbing as much gold
    as they can lay their hands on, what could possibly go wrong with the dollar?

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