Watch CNBC's full interview with Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates

Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates sit down with Becky Quick to discuss a variety of topics including the markets, the state of the economy, the China …


  1. The whole world is run by investing and the stock market, but they teach none of this in junior high school or high school. If you can learn Algebra and Geometry, Investing should be a cinch! But they don't have classes on how to be a crook and steal! It's mot in most school districts curriculum!

  2. The have nots! Warren is a piece of crap! The hardworking Americans who don't know how to game the system or be in a position to steal like all high government officials and Corporate CEO'S and executives! Honest people!

  3. Becky says that white supremacists have been nice to China for many years. hahahahaha. what is she talking about? That's like saying Nazi Germans have been too nice to the Jews.

    We have a country that is fat and lazy because of people like this spreading racism making excuses. They should instead be teaching people how to improve their game, not sit around talking about imaginary technology being stolen.

  4. Becky is smart! wow, the intelligent and informed questions she asks Warren Buffett, i'm sure her interviews are a joy and not a bore for him!

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  6. Very good content. I came here for the blonde's legs though.
    The 3 dudes were interesting at times too….the sporadic moments I could focus on what they were babbling.

  7. Wealth to this degree is a crime against humanity,nobody should be to wealthy ever, it breeds everything the destroys humans soul and corrupts the everything

  8. middle class cant afford to keep stock during recessions. the rich can. they buy up everything cheap n create monopoly

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