WazirX complete tutorial for beginners 2020 | Malayalam | WazirX Malayalam | cryptocurrency trading

In this video I have given complete tutorial for beginners in Malayalam language. This video will be helpful for those who are searching for the complete tutorial …


  1. Chechide videos kand njan chegg il register cheythu..innale muthal answer cheyan ulla account activate aayi.. pakshe avar ente name thettichu aan mail cheythath..athentha angane.. registration time il njan correct aayi thanneya koduthath.. first time avar ayacha email il (managed network expert aayi selected aayi enna confirmation mail) name correct aayirunnu..but ippo avar ayakkana ella mail ilum mistake und..njan entha cheyendath? Enik onnu paranj tharuo.. please

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