Wealthsimple Crypto Review – Best Canadian Crypto Trading app?

In this view i go through wealthsimple crypto and talk about the main things that set this platform apart. I go through a variety of topics such as the fees, the …


  1. Thank you for letting us see this precious video👍 I hope your channel will develop gradually and become a very big channel, always having good luck with your channel. I like your videos. 🙌😍Joined u

    I give praise and my genuine support to your channel.👍✌️

  2. Thanks for the review Rodrigo. I think that spread isn't too bad if you're purchasing only small amounts. But when you start to purchase bigger amounts of crypto, that spread is a killer.

  3. Pretty clean platform, I should look into it as a fellow Canadian 🇨🇦
    Currently use Binance, and they give “dividends” when you leave various coins with them, btc is like 1% but usdt gets 4+%..
    “Regulated” eh… that’s real comforting!!

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