1. Call it what it is, the stage is being set for these people to have complete control of what we do, what we say, who or what we believe,..
    Every time I watch this man speak I get a very uneasy feeling, that’s that small still voice of God! It amazes me that we are practically handing this man our everything, without argument….. now is the time for a revolution of themPEOPLE, most of us wouldn’t agree with the plans unfolding here but it’s like putting a frog into warm water, he dies from a slow boil, that’s us! Throw a frog into the same pot of boiling water, he jumps out immediately…. it time to recognize their blatant agenda and “jump out” God help us….I wish it was all a movie and once it’s over we could all just resume normal life. I feel like I’m living in a permanent nightmare anymore..God protect our children!

  2. White privilege personified.
    Telling everyone else how they will live.
    When you’re the most powerful demographic in the world, and you’re losing your lead mid-game, why wouldn’t you change the rules at halftime? Just to hang onto that lead a little longer.
    Don’t believe me? Check out the backers of this ideology.
    But, of course, it’s all for YOUR own good.

  3. When you and your cronies prepare the world for a long time for al the chaos and pain that has already been happened and will happen you WILL get a lot of anger that is fo sure . When you and your cronies leech of the pain that has fallen to the people in this crisis and you talk of an opportunity in an small window , what small window , what do you people know and are not telling ??? The crisis , was gone in an couple of months but was keeping draged on by the cronies in all goverments , how long will they keep going on . Til the next realy big crisis comes what wil it be , an global financial ""down the drain"" crisis , makes sence to me a specialy when you know what can come . First you cripple the money system and make people depended to digital currency so you control who can buy what and how much and then the BIG WHOPPER . An long time with ( very ) poor harvests because of extreme weather world wide , an vulcanic eruption or two to have more of the ash particles in the air to cool of the planet and bang your on the money . But whait , there is more , the sun has much less magnetic activiti ( aka sunspots ) and the earths magnetic fields are also declining ( the last 160 yaers about 20 % ) specialy the last 2 / 3 decades very fast an also an pole flip seems very possible . So what next , oww yes , a decline in the sun's and earths magnetic activiti gives ( much ) less protection on earth from solar and cosmic rays . These rays can cause mutagens in the body's and together with the proteins and nano particles can make changes , strange that the JAB has some of these stuff in it huh , and strange that al this is just happening now just before a these things are happening .

  4. All the nonbelievers don't even realize they gave these people all their money, and will work their whole life to give them even more of it. They think they are seeing the beginning of a communistic new world order, but it's actually end-game capitalism. You were happy with the trade before, you will be happy with the next one too.

  5. Since it was Klaus Schwab and his WEF mates who kicked off the 'fake' pandemic ('exercise' according to former US VP Mike Pompeo), we can say that his talk about making our lives better under his Global Police State, is a bloody joke.

    Time to start rejecting this COVID 'scam!'

  6. Realistically it is actually You and everyone else reading these comments that support this agenda. 170 Countries are members in the UN who push the agenda of the WEF. If your reading this, your government supports this. Didn't you vote for your own leaders? If you pay taxes, the government taking your money, is a member of the United Nations. If your government signed the Paris Climate Accords, then where ever you live, your government openly supports this agenda. UN politicians, State politicians, gosh so many politicians.

  7. Ribosomal expression introducing RNA &or DNA coding format > to (effects thereby of) alter function of a cell,
    To alter a cells function, a mutation,
    To change the function of target cells. Is that clear?
    To produce, to effect, instruct cell organelles to manufacture – (in case of covid19 vac) –
    Production of a protein significantly similar enough to the protein (key antigen/spike protein) found on cell surface membrane of (suspected coronavirus) to initiate a functional immune response in building immunity. important as a mathematical question to determine/conclude the sequencial layout of a given procedure – like critical thinking, chicken or the egg??? You still with me? ) To know how to code such a protein with current technology requires theory, because we can philosophise a model, we can input data into a computer using known variables to create (all number (n)) of building blocks, imagery (puzzles) – … But
    We cannot see it even with an electron microscope,
    Not enough resolution for so small particle –
    Construct visual imagery via foundations of chemistry and knowledge of how elements bind at atomic level.
    You got all this? Understand?
    To aquire technology to build said molecule would imply a forwarded knowledge of said molecule.
    That being able to (claim) reproduce protein within cell is by process of elimination evidence that the molecule was known, studied and categorised prior to
    It's recent discovery. That mechanisms which lead to the recipient of a vac shot being able to synthesise the protein within their body is in and of itself a confession of misadventure.
    Hmm. In layman's terms – trying to build an organic molecule, even to learn the coding of the molecule, to determine which sequence code of RNA transcribes the DNA to build it, and only to build that little tiny bit, the antigen spike, is such a shot in the dark, it would be like winning the lottery twice. And if, say for instance, the RNA used was that (say a portion of) found (supposedly) within a (suspected) covid virus isolate, (which is dubious) meaning just using a part of it – results would be practically random and unknown, the product of transcription would result in an entire portion of the virus molecule being created (or recreated) as opposed to the claim that only the spike protein is being synthesised – the "loose ends" of this could bind with anything resulting in unknown mutations within the hosts body.
    As a matter of horror for beddy byes sleepy time,
    This process would find its way into your brain, in much the same way anything you ingest does.
    Sweet dreams little brother.

  8. The global economy is nothing more than a giant global game of Monopoly, complete with fake money, which is what fiat currency really is. The game is at the end, all the wealth is concentrated in the hands of 1% of the players. The other 99% discover that the rules have been adjusted as the game went along in a way that favours the ones who are winning at the expense of the rest. The 99% are no longer willing to play, they are tired of being cheated! Now that the game is all but finished, the 1% want to provide a new set of rules that sounds fair, but will ultimately protect their interests, a desperate
    attempt to keep the game going. Since they have been cheating all along, HOW CAN WE POSSIBLY TRUST THEM? So I ask, will Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, The Rothchild’s, Royals and Monarchs, and the rest of the uber wealthy be reset to the exact same level as everyone else? Or will they be allowed to keep their assets? I can not imagine people will accept or support any reset that does not result in a truly level playing field.

  9. Brothers & Sisters, some people that kinda resembled Earthlings descended from a GOD awful hated place & merged through time with indigenous Earthlings who on a whole lived with Earth but still hade there issues so were prone to kick off like barbaric hooligans but it was the home of the Shaman, spiritually connected to the Soul of this heavenly body. Everyone is accountable for there actions, no more violence or acts of cruelty, no more conflict, Everyone is a Earthling.
    GMT. Spring.. Forward…

  10. We dont want a comunist and socialist totalitarian one world government and dictatorship.We dont want poverty unemployent and being impoverished and enslaved.

  11. Ever notice how all of these top officials associated with the New world Order live life well into their late 80s, 90s and some into 100 years+? Makes you wonder all of the hidden advancements in healthcare that are available only to the privileged, globalist elite. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

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