1. Video is obviously biased against BCH and doesn't provide a totally objective opinion. This is most evident in that they list nothing but positives for SegWit and LN but don't go over any of their negatives, but spend plenty of time trying to point out only negatives on the BCH side.

    For example, SegWit transactions DO reduce the BTC blocksize since it takes the signatures out of the block, allowing you to shove many more transactions into that block, but those signatures still need to be sent. This is why BTC changed from 'block size' to 'block weight', as the signatures are packed into a separate area so they aren't technically part of the block anymore. This means if 100% of BTC transactions were SegWit transactions then you would have full 1MB blocks (without ownership signatures), but their block weight (with signatures; what nodes send to each other) would be just over 4MB per block.

    Note that the 4MB SegWit 'block weight' approach on BTC uses MORE storage space than a direct 4MB block like on BCH would take.

    As for Lightning Network, the most glaring problem (and there are many) is the lack of a routing protocol that can scale. LN simply will not work as a scaling solution until they have a way to do route discovery, and speaking as a network engineer I can't see it ever happening.

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  6. Thank you for the video sir, it was very informative! As somebody who is new to investing in general and cryptocurrency specifically, forgive me if this seems like a naïve question: Would it be Counterproductive to buy equivalent shares of bitcoin cash and bitcoin SV? In other words with the success of one be at the expense of the success of the other?

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