What is Blockchain? – Simply Explained in Five Minutes

Learn to Code at Have you been hearing the word “Blockchain” a lot lately? Been wondering, “What is Blockchain?”. In this video, we will …


  1. Explained really well!! Blockchain is going to make a lot more remarkable things in future it's just a beginning & Security is one of the most important features of blockchain technology & that's one of the best thing about cvw.io, it has blockchain 3.0 which is one of the quickest, yet reliable and secure system.

  2. Simple my Arse. Might be simple to you and your computer mates.
    Might as well been in Chinese as far as Im concerned.
    can anyone out there explain it to people like me who did not grow up with computer
    after watching that im now more confused
    half the words you mentioned ive never even heard of.

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