1. The Entropy does not mean that a system cannot organize itself: It states that, to keep itself organized, a system need to take energy constantly from the Universe. So the fact that the Entropy of the Univese is constantly increasing could mean that intelligent life in the Universe is abundant and is constantly evolving as a whole.

    So, in trillions of years, there will be a Universe with almost zero absolute Kelvin degree (enormous entropy) and a sort of organism with almost unlimited intelligence, which will use his mastermind to migrate to another Universe or even to restart this one. Life allways find a way…

  2. Anything that changes its form with time, it is in entropy. We can never stop entropy disorder. Even you are affected by entropy reading this comment as it takes time to divide every second you live.

  3. I am NOT a physicist and might be wrong here.
    However, one possible reason why Entropy is so weird a concept might be in connection with how counter-intuitive it is. More order means that someone or something had to spend energy to create that order. We experience this with the work we put in to make that order. Now comes some mysterious being/thing that takes all we have done and destroys it. This small animal does not seem to have put any effort into it, still, it wasted the energy we put in the process with our work. My question is: where our work has gone?
    Maybe it has just contributed to the expansion of our universe. Since science has appeared in human development, the universe had been expanding.
    What will happen to Entropy if one day this expansion stops and gravity starts pulling everything back towards a point?
    You also briefly mention forces towards the end of your show. I think forces are a 'human invention.' This is what we experience. Just look at how many forces engineering scientists (like me) have come up with, despite physicists try hard to hang on their 4 fundamental forces!
    We live in a universe full of energy. We call forces those 'things' that seem to propel us and all around us from one state of energy to another.

  4. I think I understand entropy better now. But in my head the chance of a glass of hot watter getting hotter when put next to a glass full of ice is still 0.
    (Unless there are other factors in place, for example when they are both placed into a furnace of 300 °C).

  5. Entropy is an measure of unavailable energy, means energy which cannot be converted into useful work. In simple entropy means loss of energy from system to surrounding. Entropy gives the chances of reversibility of an process, but real time applications no process are reversible because of loss(Entropy). Entropy generation of an system is always positive.

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