What is Spectre AI? Brokerless Trading Platform

Get started with the Spectre.AI Brokerless Trading Platform: We have started our $500 BTC Giveaway! To enter, become a subscriber to …


  1. Have a business solutions expert friend of mine setting this up for me and guiding me through it. I start trading Monday with his expert tutelage. He showed me the average return rate and it is more than worth the very minimal risk to actually learn and use this platform.

  2. I stopped listening at "sponsored review". Any Crypto that pays for reviews is too risky for me. Been burned before. I'll wait till it proves itself. Dont take this personally. I know your heart is in the right place. I just dont invest in these coins that pay for reviews.

  3. I’m confused so I can only use this with Ethereum from my wallet but with the way the markets are right now Ethereum isn’t worth anything right now so how will the pool work when there are not many traders trading? Seems like spectre will shut down pretty soon

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