What is your Bitcoin Strategy?

I can only provide my view of the markets, but I am wrong often enough. This is how I see the markets and how I’m currently investing my earned capital.


  1. Friday 12pm EST – MAJOR move on news for the market. Could negate the Cycle new price lows. I move to a neutral position and taken profit on short position. Now we need to see if this rally has legs.

  2. Bob Loukas,
    I very much appreciate your awesome, honest, transparent contend!
    One thing I've learned in life is, there will always be people who no matter what, they'll try and blame it on others..
    Everyone!s responsible for their own decision making..
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Loving it. Thanks for your knowledge and composure. Best from Bali. And good luck scooping up some basement bargains in the coming Big Dip! 👍😀

  4. Bitcoin since its inception in 2009 has had some beautiful moments especially when it reached its all time high of $20,000 and likewise, so many down times with its current decline and stagnation just around $3,800. Even though there are indications of a bull market setting it, there are no guarantees as the market has been a shocker to us all. Most crypto enthusiasts actually forget the underlying motivation which is to make money and they embrace the concept of HODLING which in itself is not bad but must be backed with a strategy to not only cut any chances of losses but also to maximize profit and increase your capital portfolio. I have made quite extensive research and what i decided to do with Mr Mark Hall's help is to increase my portfolio massively by trading so that if a bull run sets in, i would have amassed a very good amount of btc but even if we continue to go bearish, my profit margin would still provide me much coverage and a lot of return on investment still. The best thing with Mark's signals is their accuracy and he goes to the extra mile of explaining reasons for actions to be taken. In no time, i was able to increase my portfolio from 3btc to 7btc which i believe we would all agree is good business. You can reach Mark by mail (markhall279@gmail.com), if you need any assistance in making consistent and significant profit from cryptocurrency

  5. Thanks Bob for your insight and I love all your videos and they make a lot of sense to me. I wanted to ask if you have some altcoins that you're invested in or that you have some positive info on because I want a percentage of my investment in some altcoins and I'll like to see or hear your thoughts about some altcoins…Thanks in advance.

  6. I feel relieved that he said, "protect yourself from the next and final decline." That's exactly what I'm doing. The long term 52 week + bottom could come in February, March or April. I'm not knowledgable enough to be a daily or weekly trader so I'm looking at the 2-3 year bull runs while I learn more about shorter periods.

  7. Looks like we're turning up. I was wrong, but that's the kind of wrong patient longs prefer. I'm okay with it. Going back to the video to see those lower highs you pointed out yesterday. Where are we? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. I have a very similar trading mindset, basically I am a very patient position trader with a multi-year perspective vs the ADHD swing traders

    Awesome perspective Bob!!

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