BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I’ll go through the Bitcoin news today & I’ll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for your …


  1. All you dumb people if you want to make money in Bitcoin and play with
    Price Manipulation then wait for the surge to sell and buy back after price correction.
    It means you might be doing to two or three trades a year. DO NOT DO DAILY TRADES.

  2. It was clearly a manipulation by some bog whales both in the rising price candle and the declining one… think of the money that such big whales made by properly managing short/long calls… this is the implicit risk of crypto's

  3. ‘Buying Bitcoin at $10,000 seems expensive.

    But when Bitcoin becomes $1,000,000…’

    Spot on! It was expensive for those poor folks who just got wrecked on the pump and dump.

  4. Sunny needs to learn from you. Yes you trade yes you offer bullish/bearish trading advice but you don’t force anything and your affiliate links are subtly brought up in your videos.

    Bring back the BREAKING NEWS though at the start of the video 😆

  5. Hi Carl, can you try to explain why when bitcoin falls 10% in 1 min in the same time like 30 more altcoins falls exactly in the same minut

  6. its not manipulation.. do you really think bitcoin is ready to make higher highs in a full recession/riot stage? until mainstream people lose faith in the $ that's when we will see bitcoin go parabolic once again.. if you haven't protected your capital by now with PM or USD i can guaranteed you'll lose money. bitcoin to retest 5k.

  7. I had first hand experience trying to day trade bitcoin. It's hard to ride the trend waves, they move so fast and you'll likely be late or come out with little profit by putting in a lot. Also the bitcoin price is off by 100 dollars in many platforms so you'll likely be ripping yourself off just to buy and if you had some kind of day trading trick to do quick buys and sells, forget about it. Bitcoin almost always drops in price after you buy plus the price is off by a 100 so it's really hard to win from micro moves. It's got to be done through big moves which by the time you see it you'll likely be late or come out with little profit as if though you're an unwelcomed guest that came in to buy. Careful when you buy bitcoin or crypto folks, you better have a good exit plan cause this thing isn't meant to be kept for too long if you're day trading.

  8. Just good P.A this are the moments we earn money as traders. as a hodler you don,t have to worry at all. remember the more we knock on the door eventually we will go true it we have made a higher high and a higher low. Now we are ready for a higher high.

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