WHAT JUST HAPPENED & WHAT'S COMING: Full BTC analysis (11 may 2019)

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  3. Suggesting the other day that Bitcoin might drop to $500 this year got me the same response as posting that Ethereum would drop to $250 back in Jan 2018. Ethereum could drop to $40 this year. Why? Because in examining the market, it is necessary to calculate what would happen if the complete opposite were to happen. ie. Cram me with the global warming theory. Now show me the global cooling stats as a comparison. Truth is that in 20 million years the Earth will be an uninhabitable ball of ice due to it's tilt towards the Sun. All life ceases. It does not recover. 20 million years, that'll be all folks.

  4. I would argue that the hash war is irrelevant to technical analysis – Bitcoin broke out of a descending triangle leading the price to 3K

  5. With all due respect — and I mean much, much respect, I so hope u r wrong. Please no offense. (WE HAVE TO HAVE PULLBACK< PLEASE LETS PRAY TO THE CRYPTO GODS)

  6. Hoooboy, the race is on like in the old times. BTC and its moving averages….the 50wMA was no obstacle whatsoever, it just shot through it without any reaction. The 20mMA played no role in the past, as far as I can tell. I don't think it will this time. The only MA that really had an effect is the 200wMA. About the shorts: only on Bitfinex because of the price premium. See blockchainwhispers.com. On BitMEX it's the other way round for the same reason. But yes, no signs of FOMO overconfidence, yet. Your assessment of the volume at 6.4k is interesting and I think it makes sense. And Tyler Jenks lost his bet big time. He must be hyperventilating by now 😀
    And another thing: on coinbase pro, the depth chart of BTC is crazy. Zoomed out a little the sell side is flat compared to the huge buy mountain. There is no major resistance :-O I am almost scared now.

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