1. Investing in bitcoin may seem scary, but know that it takes time and effort to understand how Bitcoin works. I made 16900 dollars within 12 days from cryptovestment.net when I invested 3000 dollars worth of BTC, they only specialize in BTC trading unlike other investment platforms that invest with all coins which is less effective.

  2. I don't understand how you can avoid from selling, especially if you used the Stop-Limit feature. By using it, you will automatically sell when your (low) target price is reached, right? If you don't sell when it is decreasing, when do you sell then? I am now confused after watching your other videos… In those examples, we know it is going up again after the crash, but when happening live, we don't know…

  3. Very Clear and Concise! You make it easy to watch and learn.
    I have definitely learned a lot from you my friend!! Thanks as usual!!
    I gain more and more confidence with the knowledge you pass on..


  4. You could be right, but have you concidered the total marketcap double topped (wich it havn't the previous pullbacks in this bubble) and the history could repeat itself and I see bitcoin could be like 1k in a couple of days, where the bubble started.

  5. Those all are assumptions without any proof, i.e. people selling on fear then rebuying high, which makes no sense at all. Those who buy high are most likely not the same who sold lower, but pigs who got in to be slaughtered, i.e. those coming from the masses. If you critically look at the charts and volume, you can suspect the institutionalized high frequency traders have stepped in. Bitcoin was a nice experiment. For practical reasons, it would never be implemented to compete in retail areas other than maybe bulk export and import anyway, which still cannot compete with old and insured banking transactions backed by force.

  6. those who exited early r smart, the trade volumes r decreasing despite rising prices, obviously hyped prices, lots of momentum built up for cash out frenzy. asian investor tends to hv mob effect, & asia is holding more n more crypto pie. now it crashed again to 2000. I advise myself to enter when it stabilize, doesn't matter losing out some opportunities, at least I avoid the major risks, and aim for the long.

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