WHEN ALT SEASON?! Explaining Altcoin Market Cycles with Bitcoin and the Ripple XRP Price Chart

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  1. My question is, since Ripple has so much XRP locked away in escrow, why wouldn't the release of their vast stores of XRP keep the price low as Bitcoin hits these all time highs? The escrow really changes the nature of the game with XRP at least until the increased bank utilization draws most or all of that out. Not trying to spread FUD, as someone with significatn XRP holdings I'm just concerned or at least confused about what things are going to be looking like over the coming years.

  2. What is the difference between scenario 1 and three? Both are going to break ATH in theory and then you will hodl. And then sell into usd.
    Only this point is not very clear to me. Great video though!

  3. Another gem of a video! Love how you explain all the little details of what happened and what could happen! Much appreciate it! Your scenarios towards the end showed how prepared you are for the future and sharing them too that's a gem on it's own. Thanks for sharing and keep doing great content.

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