1. Welcome to the Crypto Crew! Thanks so much for all the overwhelming support, you guys are awesome! My crypto classes have been a HUGE success, would love to welcome you in -learn everything about charts and how to maximize your money in crypto! Links in description

  2. I just sell my first btc on paxfull with 5% interest rate for me which resulted in my 7sek loss…i didnt had idea how much interest rate should i fix ☹️

  3. I have watched a lot of video concerning how to invest in cryptocurrency, more especially, bitcoin trading. But what I really don't understand is why such losses because all the strategy I have seen people used on their videos works for them but when I try it, it's a different story.

  4. Thank you for the great video. Is there a place for just buy and hold Bitcoin? If only trading Bitcoin, which do you think will perform best in the next five years: buy and hold or trading?

  5. My good friend n mentor. I wonder your opinion .. when do u feel a good time to switch most coins over to btc ass the bull run kicks in. I’ve run through cycles watching my btc value almost disappear ! Ouch. Much respect. Namaste.gr8 Work friend

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