WHO IS SHORTING BITCOIN? Another PayPal Bitcoin Update!

In today’s breaking bitcoin news, we cover how PayPal is likely to buy BitGo, one of the first bitcoin custodial service companies. Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Visa …


  1. It's another wonderful day for crypto currency whether hodling or trading, crypto currency continues to enjoy increasing recognition evident of course in the paypal integration of it into their system, a very welcome addition. Bitcoin is sky rocketing and it's obviously just the beginning of better things to come, though the dip wasn't really an issue, that's the added benefit trading does, a good trader earns despite market dynamism. The past month has been really revealing, I've been trading under the guide of renowned trading expert Sebastian Bryan, his signals continues on the profitable level. I've been able to grow my trading portfolio to 11 btc utilizing his signals. Been earning big whilst learning For crypto concerns, Sebastian can be reached on whatsp (+447782861037) and telagram (Sebastianbryan) . Bullish moves all the way mates.

  2. Honestly, the way that hedge funds are using shorts on the CME is actually healthy for the market. This means that Bitcoin futures are actually being used for their intended purpose which is mitigating downside market risk. However, will a lot of these shorts get rekt over the next couple years? Probably yes.

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