Why 80% Of Day Traders Lose Money

A recent study found that 80% of day traders lose money – which is unacceptable. Here’s why, and how you can prevent this from happening – enjoy! Add me on …


  1. I am a student I work and also study ,I see people talking about bitcoin on TV,social media and radio so I decided to make research on it and I have understood how bitcoin work so I decided to give it a try which I deed but was scammed twice and my little savings all gone hate myself right now.

  2. things make a lot more sense when you stop thinking of it as "making" money but as "taking" money. for you to get money, someone has to give it. it's why there are always winners and losers in these things; for the winners to get the kind of money they brag about a ton of people have to lose it..

  3. Again, day trading is not about investment. It’s about speculation. Who would diversify instruments you hold for a few minutes or even seconds? Day trading still feels better than holding stocks over sleepless nights during the down time.

  4. The wrong mindset about wanting to get rich quickly but not wanting to learn after losing, they get angry, they are not clear, they blame the company, the government, even the stock market, it's spreading hoaxes …

    looking for reasons why they failed & justify themselves with their imagination ( How poor they are ….)

    80% of people who fail are just gamblers who claim to be traders and seek justification for their losses

    Are you a successful day trader? are you even reach the levels of professional day trader? why you said something that you not successful at?

    Tell me your whatsapp, ill show you my profits every years 😂

    Trading is guaranteed failure because that research seeing gamblers, They are not the real day trader

  5. The Stock market controls a huge part of my passive income flow, I invest big and profit even bigger. My portfolio has grown tremendously. I continue to make huge profit with my broker Mr. Richard Dominic.

  6. Your advice at the end accounts for the stats you showed – buy (in regular bites) and hold index funds long term. Index funds filter out the vast majority of scam-stocks which are responsible for the most common return of ALL stocks being a loss and are also diversified; that's why over the long term indexes solidly trend upward – they are a selected subset of ALL stocks. (BTW – of course penny stocks are riddled with scam investment because they are subject to the same reporting requirements and oversight – do you expect more fairness at a public casino or a three card monte table setup on the street?)

    I don't know why you disavowed discouraging people from day trading at the end. (Afraid of alienating a viewer demo?) It's a suckers game. Any day trader who claims to make good money is a liar or hasn't done it long enough – the law of large numbers makes the destination inevitable if they play long enough. Would you also not discourage people from signing up for an MLM?

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  8. Great guy, good intention but maybe a little naive because of his inducement buy the system he was taught from.
    Like with K – 12 in school, you're only taught to serve the establishment, when taught by an open market system.
    I've always believed in thinking outside the box and doing for myself, teaching myself, by way of experience. Over the years, I've found it to be
    a pretty reliable process.

    Day Trading, Swing Trading, Long Term Trading, is no different; however, each requires its own unique approach. Yet!, with a strong objective mindset and perseverance, you can teach yourself to trade in this Space Age.
    Just try to remember, there's a Broker on the other side of your Every Trade and their objective are often opposite of your own. The main key to winning in the stock market is first understanding your opponent, (i.e. Broker).

    If you would like to know more, just leave a (Q) & (A) in the comment section and I'll be more than happy to enlighten you.
    Until next time, peace be with you.

    Yours truly

    OG-RB, aka Drone Ninja to some 😉

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  11. Day trading options has changed my life for the better. Yes I've done yolos, I've lost money but I've gained much more as well. It's worth it, but you need to practice and study before you start committing money to doing it. It's not for everyone, but I'm up 184% for the year vs. An average return from the SPY of 10%. Yeah I think I'll trust myself. Lll

  12. Stock trading as a beginner was very difficult due to lack of trading experience, this resulted in losing my funds though I've been able to recover all that I lost, all thanks to Mr Charles Connor, i never knew good brokers still existed till I came in touch with him.

  13. One thing l learned in life is never take advice from someone who failed at something because they will only discourage you. I have been slowly growing my account with low risk trades overtime, and in the recent collapse didn't lose a dime. 100% of this 80% of people who lose money did not put in enough work.

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  15. For my follwers:

    I don't trade conventionally, nor on hopes & dreams. I trade with customized strategies.

    I've been asked to create a YouTube channel by those who respect my trying help others to learn to trade and I'd like to do that.

    However, like everyone, I need help sometimes too and building a YouTube Channel is one of those things for me.

    Help me, help you. Each one, teach one is my favorite slogan.
    Holla at me and I'll get back.
    OG-RB, peaches!

  16. Everyone, no this!
    All money on these stocks are on hold: 1.AAPL, 2.MSFT, 3. TSLA, 4. QQQ & 5. ILMN. Until my my battle with Wall Street & CNBC are over.

    However, until then, have no fear for the OG because I'm hedged on the down side 10/7 and I hold no time expiring options and my money is long enough to keep me from margin calls on all my stock investments ;-).

    Space Age Trader, OG-RB aka Drone Ninja on YouTube comments only!

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  19. I feel like I understand price action and I understand trends and indicators why is it everytime I buy the dip it keeps dipping and if I buy the momentum the momentum dies:0

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