Why Bitcoin and ALL Markets Obey 2 Weird Rules

There are just 2 things that all markets including bitcoin have in common. Knowing why these 2 rules matter can make you understand and appreciate the price …


  1. Market in terms of trading correct, how about in terms of buying and HOLDING? Bitcoins historical collapses shows that most Bitcoin holders enjoy occasional dumps. They aren't necessarily in it for the very long term like Amazon stock holders. Bitcoin traders are gamblers not investors. Way different type of animal

  2. lol, BTC is not going back to $20,000 it's going to zero with their shitty 1MB block, the killer Bitcoin app is Data, this is what will give Bitcoin it's value to be used as money, to store data you need BIG blocks, BTC is just a speculative coin & nothing more

  3. I don't understand why you actually disregard the halving effect that will happen next year and its relation to the next bull run because if you did, then the next bull run should happen in the next one to two years (2021)

  4. If Bitcoin can fulfil just a little bit of its potential, it should have great value. Imagine if the dollar only had 21 million supply and could be sent cross boarders with very low fees and no fear of governments stopping transactions. The limited supply and potential that it could replace a large amount of fiat transactions should make a high demand. That should lead to higher prices. It could still all go wrong but I think its worth the risk.

  5. Alessio, people will get angry at you for no reason other than you say things as they are. Because people in this market are highly immature.
    The people who hate BTC are even more immature than that. So if I were you I would not care.
    You're a serious person with serious things to say. you're doing your best. You can forget about the rest.
    Thanks for the videos.
    PS: I would appreciate a video as soon as Wave 4 is over.

  6. Why did bitcoin go up?
    why did bitcoin drop?
    Considering bitcoin produces Nothing it's a "commodity" that purley trades on greed and fear.
    Alessio,you really believe greed and fear can't be manipulated?

  7. I agree with everything this man says… now I don’t believe it will take 10 years. Fear will drive people to crypto. The fear of the falling markets… and the end of the US Dollar. This will be the catalyst to make people seek a way out. This is why it won’t take 10 years…

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