Why Bitcoin Could be the Best Investment of 2019

I wanted to take the time to explain why Bitcoin could potentially be the best investment of 2019. In short, it’s because it’s positioned in such a way that it could …


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  2. Oh boy… btc to the moon? 100.000? Boy its just x10…. almost all alts OUTPERFORMED btc last bull run… xvg 1200% / nano and do on… boy … do IQ tests befire you make a video… you recommend 10x return instead of 1000x??

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  6. Guys it hit 20k. Crashed down to 3k so what?
    Here we are December 2018 and it's 4k. you tell me what savings account, stock, equity, or commodity performed better than than 33% in the same time frame?

    "bitcoin is a scam!!!!!" Cock suckers watching mass media FUD.

    Supererior technology always takes over. The caveman had the rock, the flint, the wheel to now the automatic shotgun. This stuff is as old as the hills.

    I will see you on the moon gentleman.

  7. 2019 will be a huge year with a huge ROI for especially the ones entering now.
    The fundamentals are very strong and getting stronger every day.

  8. 5:05 Sorry not true. Sellers may be exhousted, but this do not mean that the downward pressure is gone. There are still shorters (shorting is not selling) and there are no knew BUYERS to keep the pressure upwards.

  9. There is no way Bitcoin as is, has a future. Too much cost to operate, too many different ideas, the best brains already left for other projects (forks), and the technology is better in some alts.

  10. I just wanna go back to a few years ago when my friend told me about Bitcoin and they were $300 each and buy 20 of them like he suggested then sell them in December of 2017 when they were $20,000 each. Is that so much to ask? Sigh.. life could have been changed forever, but instead the struggle and grind continues..

  11. It looks like they will do to bitcoin what they did to silver with futures. And they will sell btc futures and control prices.

  12. I believe you are missing the real reason why Bitcoin and all other POW cryptos will not go up tremendously in value which is the financial cost to operate the network.

    Remember, the miners get 1,800btc/day most of which they currently sell on the market immediately(look at the blockchain). That means the higher the price of btc the more downward pressure on the market.
    This explains the extreme volatility of btc perfectly because as the price rises the downward pressure also rises in a near linear fashion.

    When the market hit $20K last year the miners were getting:

    1,800btc/day x $20K/btc = $36 million/day.

    In my world $36 million/day is a lot of money/downward pressure.

    If btc ever got to $100K the miners would get:

    1,800btc/day x $100K/btc = $180 million/day.

    Why is Vitalik trying to get away from POW so quickly with Ethereum? Same reason.

    Does anybody really think any asset on the planet could handle $180 million/day in downward pressure?

    Every other defect in Bitcoin is fixable, but ^ likely is not.

    Wall Street does the math, and the math does not work out for Bitcoin unfortunately. If the btc reward halvings happened every year instead of every 4 Bitcoin and other POW cryptos may have a chance. I vote for changing to this model immediately. It seems the only chance to save Bitcoin from being below $1K for good within 2 years. The miners will make more $ in the long run as a result because Bitcoin will survive. It definitely will not at any significant price without a change such as this.

    That does not mean that crypto is dead. It means Wall Street will go with a crypto that does not cost $180 million/day to run(as the price goes up). There are established cryptos out there that are virtually free to run. They run under the same model as early Internet protocols where companies/people voluntarily run them for free(SMTP, gopher, "Usenet", etc.) .

  13. what i really want to know is where is bitcoin going in the long term, we've seen a few alt coins crop up and claim they are 'the next big thing' then just pretty much sit there unchanged… no one really knows the bigger picture meanwhile the price of bitcoin has never really been too stable yet…

  14. OP understandably keeps repeating the same troll on currency getting cheaper and therefore Bitcoin higher. For the audience though, it would take a glaring idiot not to realize that Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency is duplicable at will and not backed by any sovereign power like real money is.

  15. Yep! With Stock market crashing, fractional reserve system could be heading for meltdown like Iceland 2008! Best diversify into Bitcoin (and Litecoin!)

    Don’t put any more money into Fiat than you can afford to lose!

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