Why Bitcoin is heading towards a huge mining problem

Business Insider UK spoke with University of Cambridge Research Fellow Garrick Hileman about cryptocurrency mining and the potential problems that it could …


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  3. Bitcoins value will keep increasing. Have you not seen its market value rise ovver the past 6..7 years? It went from a couple of cent to over 10k. By the time we mine all the bitcoin it value could be in the 6 figure mark, maybe 7. So as the reward is cut in half, the value of the reward also increases. Alos by 2020 our tech will be alot more advanced, look at our technology for fucks sake. Computing power increases every year, it wont get harder to mine bitcoin, it will get easier. Once everything is mined, miners would have collected there moneys worth and continue to recieve transaction fee payoffs. Mainly big companies, all the small mining rigs will eventually be replaced by big mining farms. Minning wont be a problem for bitcoin.

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