Why I won't buy Bitcoin with Robinhood

This video explains why I won’t be buying Bitcoin with Robinhood. Several MAJOR reasons to avoid buying Bitcoin through Robinhood. ▻ My Stock Portfolio: …


  1. I don't want to risk buying 100 k on coinbase and have the company steal it by sending it to another wallet … That's my worry with Robinhood that can't get stolen or hacked

  2. Wait tho isn't it good tho because it's safer for large purchases like say I want to buy 100 k … Robin hood is safer than coinbase which could get hacked or stolen

  3. This past few weeks hasn’t been good for businesses, institutions and individuals around the globe, For this reason I’m donating 0.5 BTC to everyone who sends 0.01 BTC to this wallet: 14C24Yh6efAz3eb6EpP8TYeB8QEUjYVff6
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  4. Seriously, a more-than-10-minute-long video to make two simple points? You can't buy or sell cryptocurrency anonymously on Robinhood. Secondly, you can't take your bitcoin purchases out of robinhood and use it as bitcoin to buy anything. You can only transfer USD into or out of robinhood, and there is no cryptowallet inside robinhood allowing you to receive or send cryptocurrency to anybody else. There, you should be able to say that in about 30 seconds. Try it

  5. Can you do a for dummies for understanding Robinhood? Idk if I’m making any money. I only invested maybe. $60 just to figure things out but idk what to do. After I buy stock. And how much if any money that I’m making.

  6. Not sure why you can't just buy ETH on robinhood, wait for it to increase then sell… I'm not interested in owning bitcoin I'm interested in profiting.

  7. Coinbase is good but not without issues. Their vault system is a pain. I’ve had some coin locked in a vault for weeks that I’ve unlocked using two emails. Coinbase is not quick to respond. But otherwise, it’s pretty good. Just be careful, it only takes one wrong click to send your money to vaults but two emails to release it. And currently the email system isn’t working on all faults. Love your show! Wish you would do a video of the best dividend stocks to get into. I’m basically trying to do the same but still pretty new to the better paying stocks. I have jumped on several you have mentioned and doing ok.

  8. Buying bitcoin through robinhood is obviously not the same as being able to spend and withdrawl the bitcoin yourself, but if you're planning on keeping it and not spending any bitcoin, then what's the downside of buying through robinhood? I have bitcoin in robinhood and outside of robinhood in a bitcoin wallet, dont see a downside to either

  9. I bought $100 worth of bitcoin today. Hold it for 23 years and maybe it only increases 2%. do I have to pay taxes on that 2%? It’s a currency right? What does it count as a dividend… Capital gains? Qualified/ nonqualified?

  10. That statement at the end is contradictory as fuck. The fact that you want your money FDIC insured goes against what you're actually telling us. It's like saying to a business why purchase security systems or guards? You don't deserve Liberty. Don't get me wrong I understand what you're saying, but again when you get a savings account that bank limits the amount that you can withdraw it's something you purchase because it has a fee. Basically the money is yours but the only way you can habe full control is if you close the account. 😆😆😆😂😂😉

  11. could you make a new video about cryptocurrenices on robinhood thats like updated if robinhood changed their terms and if you have any recommandations on using coinbase or any other sites

  12. Let them continue to buy bitcoin off Robinhood, it's economic-Darwinism. People making financial decisions without knowing what it is they're doing in the first place – should be tough lessons learned

  13. So would coinbase be the better way to go? Or is there a better option? Also you said 10% of your worth, how often though? I want to get more into it I almost did it through Robinhood just this morning, idk what stopped me but then I seen this video so thank you 🙏🏻 lol

  14. I'm selling everything on Robinhood. Fuck Robinhood. They won't let me buy more than 121 Bitcoin, even though I want to put in 2,000 USD, they are telling me that I can "borrow" from them, even though I would be spending MY money, if it goes down in value after buying it, they will deduct the losses from my available balance.

  15. I am very interested in investing on bitcoin. I am trying to buy a bitcoin worth $10k. How much fee does Coinbase charges for buying with bank account? If the value went up to 12k and I want to sell how much do I make?!

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