Why I'm NEVER Buying Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies

WHY I’M NEVER BUYING BITCOIN OR CRYPTOCURRENCIES I Won’t Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is the world’s …


  1. Get out there and actually learn, right now your ignorance on the topic is very apparent, I suggest you watch Mike Maloney's hidden secrets of money series, especially video 4, learn guy, you really need to get your head out of the sand before it is too late. Long live decentralization, long live Bitcoin, Litecoin and Digibyte.

  2. Yes you work 9-5 and be slave to your boss and have no time to travel and take loan to buy a luxury car . Me i have time i travel any where i want i can do anything nobody control me im my own boss .

  3. That’s all I’ve invested in all 30% in front at and early stage min after the halving after two halving history 55-60k is a min in a years time , watch the stock market crash

  4. You are right..INVEST IN WHAT YOU KNOW! You clearly have no idea how bitcoin works or it’s value and apparently ignorant to the fact that it’s one of the best performing assets time after time…it’s security is up to you..i.e ledger nano s or x..STORE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS SAFELY AS YOU WOULD ANYTHING OF HIGH VALUE TO YOU! And no one can touch your coins unless your give them the private keys!!!
    you are your own bank..your fiat in the “bank” that you trust so much looses value over and over ..the fact that they literally print money out of thin air does not create value to your fiat but literally the opposite!! Some Self education pal and you might see it differently ..

  5. If I kept $250,000.00 in the bank 10 year ago, I would be able to buy less with it today due to quantitative easing. (Central banks printing money) Buying power decreases.

    If I had 250,000 Bitcoin 10 years ago and wanted to spend it today, I could buy more than 10 years ago

    Buying power increases due to finite supply. Supply<Demand due to block reward halvings.

    Bitcoin is also backed by a very secure network.

    Hackers access Bitcoin through wallets, exchanges. Not the Bitcoin network itself. People need to be educated on how to manage their assets.

    Do people typically leave their wallet with cash/credit card/debit card in the open to be accessed by others? No.

    This should be the same with your private keys, seed phrase for your Bitcoin wallet.

  6. This guy is clueless, banks are the biggest frauds. The dollar is very predictable in value, it's trending towards 0, In 1913, $1 was worth $1, now it's worth 4 cents.

  7. Congrats on passing 2k subsctibers and good opinion about bitcoin. Have u been able to find or interested in any robot advisors that invest on crypto and forex like auto pies to invest and gain some profits for us just curious i am still looking foward to watchng webull and moomoo comaprison tutorials i am sure u are a buys man. If u can makw a content i will hit the like button with much appreciations. Always Mahalo. From. Hawaii.

  8. A wet behind the ears noob that hasn't lived long enough to know his ass from a hole in the ground. By the time you figure out why the FDIC, the banks, the Federal Reserve, and the Dollar, is your WORST enemy you will be BROKE for the rest of your life. You got one thing right. YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND BITCOIN and you certainly do not understand the difference between fiat currency and hard money. Worse yet, you have the BALLS to get on YouTube and try to scare others away from an opportunity of a life time. Grow up kid and quit looking to "the man" to cover your ass. Eventually you will learn that he is only there to rob you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Good luck with the hard life lessons headed your way. My advice? Educate yourself and get the hell off of YouTube. Libra? OMG you are screwed.

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