1. Lightning is here now and usable. Liquid side chain is here now and usable. I'm not sure why you keep ignoring it. Anyway keep convincing your noobs to fill up their heavy bags of sh*tcoins

  2. Something must be a SoV first before it can be a MoE. Why? People must want to hold it first, otherwise why would merchants accept or even demand it? LN is improving from day to day and even today I had no problems using it so far. Scaling a decentralized system is not easy and everyone should be patient and grateful that being SoV (speculative asset) is just enough for now.

  3. how do you feel about monacoin? they are labeling it japan's litecoin… do you think this is a bit far fetched? I dropped quiet a bit of money into it at the end of april after that first big rush. since then im up nearly 2x my original investment, yet it seem's greed holds my hand from selling lol. do you think this coin has any chance to go any higher then the 2-$3 usd range?

  4. Comparing the $9k mark in Nov 2017 to the $9k mark in June 2019 isn't really apples to apples. $9k in 2017 was further up the growth curve than where it is now so there were a lot more first time adopters at that point in time.

  5. It's just a market cycle. Money flows in and hits BTC first. BTC dominance goes crazy. Once BTC gains are realized alt coins are pumped by that same money. A massive ATH for everything is achieved before another massive crash. Next ATH will probably be 6 figure BTC.

  6. finally at 9:30 mark you talk about the title and it is nothing new,real Bitcoin shock is who nakomoto is because the whole thing might be under a federal investigation

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