1. Old people do not understand, just exactly the same propaganda parroting style as other things.. 'dur its a a scam cause the guy i like on tv said so' , or 'its so untrue cause he said it, FCK THAT THING CAUSE ITS SCARY!" .. bitcoin, medical weed, etc.. if only these dim wits actually studied bitcoin technology systems or medical weed we have now, which are cheaper and faster than the official but slower corporate solutions we are all fed by fox daily. Bitcoin is faster AND cheaper than banking worldwide, simple as that. It's superior than paper currency and gold trading. Simple as that, do your research for more than 2 minutes and you shall see, folks.. use your brains more

  2. Why does the old people channel even talk about high tech money? No one that watches Fox news is going to self-educate about Bitcoin. Many Fox viewers think computers are the devil, anyway. smh. Buy Bitcoin, now!

  3. why to send money with bitcoin when you can with paypal…what is advantage of bitcoin over paypal transaction… bitcoin is the same as $ in paypal.. it is just measure of value… it is not value… same as pound, kilo, gram … just measure of value…

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