Why it Pays to Be Patient in Crypto Markets

Crypto is an adrenaline fueled, ADD drive, hyper-active market. So why would patience be a massive asset to your success in the crypto markets? Let’s talk …


  1. Great video and great thoughts on patience. Im still VERY green to crypto world. I was fortunate to ride the Ripple wave, however I was thinking (Long term long term long term) and then when the correction hit I panicked. I was up across my portfolio 6x and after dropping down to 2x I jumped out of the pool frantically thinking this was the doom and gloom the nea sayers have been preaching. Lessons learned. LOTS, I have adjusted my portfolio and I am now more cognizant of the waves. RDD is my patience position. Fingers crossed it is adopted by FB in the near future. Thanks again Bob for the great videos!

  2. Love the video, valuable point taken. Do however think it was 110% made and repeated a few times by about 6mins, and just repeated over and over for another 6-7mins.

  3. Great timing of the video as I had some great success day/swing trading before I put a significant amount on some long holds. Then immediately, those begin to drop. However, if I stuck to my day trade strategy I would have put in a smaller loss. So now I just need to be patient. Its a tough call on how to attack this market but I appreciate the video.

  4. AMAZING video! Everyone in the crypto asset world should see this video. An analogy is being in a traffic jam and realizing the other lane is moving faster than yours so you switch lanes, and then the one you where on starts moving faster. Classic.

  5. I can see myself described on this video, I had made all same mistakes from day one. The worst thing is that I still made the same mistakes, especially jumping from one cryptp to another. Great video.

  6. I'm getting hammered – sorry for FUD. In ripple, trx (heavy in Trx), ada, fun, brd, dash mostly. Nothing is running and my binance usd estimation just keeps going down. Cap went down tonight too. Bought on dips. Not the lowest of the dips but fairly dipped. I did well at the start of my trading. Was up 7k. Now I am close to even. I switched from Eth with all my profits into BTC not last Friday but the one before when some thought BTC was going Bull. I screwed myself.

  7. The worst is I bought into ETN ICO .01 50,000 for $500 held my tokens for like two months went through all the updates with ETN personal emails by Richard Ells and constant emotional control of myself saying i dont need the 500 just sit on it theyre working things out itll come together one day and be huge yada yada and then coming down I thought well we did great I sold my ETN at .095 and 24 hours later ETN was .23 ..


  8. Great video with good information. I have 2 friends who did hold 20.000 units XRP each. And both did sell at 0.20 because no action. And the day after it did jump to 0.80 and after 2-3$ That have to hurt.

  9. Patience has me stacking my BROTHER Tokens. Great things happening in Russia! One of the few coins I have in my portfolio that hasn't lost a large value these past few days…

  10. I do not like you speaking badly about lending platforms since I am in a couple but I do admit their referral programs are built as pyramids. I would wish that they get rid of their referral programs. I also have other crypto and have held some and got pissed yesterday about holding crypto that you cant use and sold them all. You are a smart guy but I listen and inform myself off white papers and what the masses are talking about.

  11. Wanna make money? Don't listen so much to rumors, I've done that a lot, it will burn you hard. Do your research, keep yourself updated to their latest news, and HODL.

  12. Thanks for stepping on your bias toward XRP and sharing something very wise. I fully agree with your views here and actually it's what I've been doing.

  13. I jumped into cryptos just after new year as everything was having the initial January pump, a bit of fomo mentality I think. with no background in using computers or investing whatsoever, ive had my eye on crypto since summer of last year but have been too scared to invest because of how complicated it seemed to be to me, so after a little research and watching people on YouTube channel to gather information on what to buy and how to buy etc, I decided to have a go ( i bought ,airswap, wabi ,sub ,request coin , binance coin ,a little no limit coin and a few other crap coins ) in heinsight I wish I would of done I little more research before investing and not just rushing in, the market as now dropped, I'm around about even as I write this, but I'm just going to have to be patient and hope they run up and gain me some profits! Oh and I bought some RDD too, like I say wish I had done more research and not just jumped in 😏🤔

  14. "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient" Warren Buffett. The same applies to cryptos so good shout

  15. Hi mate, been following your channel for some time now. You're definitely one of those crypto content creators out there who don't bullshit their way to getting views – instead you bring real genuine perspectives and insightful topics to the table. My only piece of feedback to you is to try and look toward the camera/webcam while talking more. I know it's difficult since the screen is in front of you but this really differentiates someone trying to connect to the audience to someone who is just telling others their views and be done with it. If you refer to some big crypto channels out there, you will notice they actually look directly at the camera/webcam a lot in their videos. This makes a huge difference, especially in a market where trust, authenticity and emotions play a huge role. Hope this helps 😉

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