Why Silver Investing And Not Bitcoin

Why Silver is the best investment and not bitcoin. the dangers and benefits of bitcoin. the failing federal reserve system. major dollar collapse and following rise in the price of silver.


  1. a year ago silver about $16+/per ounce…. BTC was less than $1000 per bitcoin…. a year later silver is LESS THAN $16/Ounce and Bitcoin is $14,000+ per bitcoin…. some fucking expert… I been agreeing with these "experts" on PMs for years now, ignoring the cryptos and now I am really kickin myself for not even looking on bitcoin when it was MUCH MUCH MUCH CHEAPER…. I could have gotten in when it was around $200 per bit coin but the "experts" claimed it was not
    "real." I don't see PMs moving for many more years to come, dead in the water chained by the paper PM market…. bitcoin is free market where as PMs were ONCE free market but now it
    's manipulated… what a damn shame.

  2. Free Silver February! Bit coin will be taken over by the elite to be used for regular currency. If we could only get crypto currency backed by Ag/Au.

  3. There is so much FUD about Bitcoin. So many clueless people posting about it. Buy silver and have it in your hands. Buy Bitcoin and have it in cold storage, not on an exchange.

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