Why Tether Probably Tops Bitcoin as Most Used Cryptocurrency

Oct.01 — Spencer Bogart, Blockchain Capital general partner, explains why the Tether stablecoin, not Bitcoin, is likely the world’s most used cryptocurrency.


  1. Tether is used a lot but that does not make it money. The dollar is used a lot too and it isn't money either. Both are just a continuously depreciating currency. Tether is just one depreciating piece of crap deriving its value from another depreciating piece of crap.

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  3. Also, Bitcoin is not BTC, and it is not digital gold or store of value only.
    Bitcoin is literally Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash SYSTEM (note the term SYSTEM) which is a NETWORK and not a "coin".
    Bitcoin is BSV, and people who think and repeat this lie, that BTC is still Bitcoin, have no proper understanding of the Bitcoin system at all.

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