Why You Should BEWARE of This Bitcoin Pattern

Why you should beware of this bitcoin pattern on the charts. Most traders and analysts do not realise the distinction between a trending market structure and an …


  1. Timestamp 10:05 isnt it that like you said, that markets form a trend in 5 waves, in direction of the trend? How could then the BIG drop at 10:07 be the wave 1 of an Uptrend, (as we have seen it evolve into such)? you even said: because it followed immediately after a big crash in the market, it is indicitive of a wave 2!!?? But dont you mean, only if it was part of a 5 wave dowtrend, the drop could be wave 1 and 10:08 wave 2???

  2. BTC is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on "retail" investors. It has no intrinsic value. It cannot be utilized like other commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas, Soy beans, corn, pork bellies, Wheat,…..its worthless, and is useless for anything….. BTC is the "poster child" of capitalism gone wrong…. i cant even wipe my ass with BTC…

  3. I am not too sure how would these few Plus-Minus 10-15% movements so frightening!? I agree btw this is a non-trading zone, or high-risk low-reward trading zone .

    BTC makes 80-90% correction movements historically, not to mention what happened in March! And this is only in a bear market! In a bull market it goes up 2000-10.000%

    The boring nature of the market reminds me the time period of 12. 2018-04.2019 where BTC was ranging between 3-4K.

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  5. I dont know if anyone of you are aware of S&P500 bearish divergence on WEEKLY. Thats a clear higher high on price but lower high on RSI after its oversold. I was expecting the bitcoin on its long term downtrend since 2017. S&P on its recession and BTC long term downtrend sounds connected.

  6. If 10 EW traders come up with 100 counts and there are always another 100 alternate counts so they can never be wrong. You can’t make money out of it. Personally I like to keep it simple with the MA.

  7. I'm sorry to disappoint you, sir. Your technical analysis isn't correct at all. I can assure you, based on my experience, that the pattern is perfectly correlated to my trades: whenever I buy the price drops and when I sell it immediately skyrockets to historical highs. /s
    Seriously speaking, I do not swing nor day trade like the audience (judging from the topic of the video) as I see technical analysis as a tool to see the sentiment of the market instead of the value that the asset is giving. Fundamentally, right now BTC is giving almost no value since it is not yet broadly considered as a more reliable medium of exchange than the current banking system and it should be thought of as a very speculative commodity. So, beware, please.

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  9. Good explanation for the wave 4. I do have a sub count for this wave 4 that is perfectly technical and still hasn't been invalidates. Some top traders in our channel have adopted it, feeling proud about that achievement. But still, it's a wave 4 there is definitely no guarantee I will be correct this whole time.

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  12. Amazing video as always sir, I have always had difficulties with risk management. Could you pls make a dedicated tutorial type video on risk management and also how to set stop-losses because amongst all the volatility my stops always get taken out during wicks. pls help sir, you're one of the better tutors out here. Thank you.

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