1. I use LinkedIn. I get bombarded by people trying to get me into bitcoin related things. Trying to sell me mining software when I don't know how to mine bitcoin.

  2. I vividly remember the first time I cashed out it was happening like a movie to me I couldn't believe It was happening Mr Bob Clinton is really a genius in Bitcoin mining

  3. lol stoppp X'D also p.s. bitcoin has been used heavily by pedophile rings and drug cartels for its anonymous features and dark web access. So there's also that.

  4. Bitcoin is my new get rich quick scheme. Previous schemes included taking out life insurance on myself then faking my own death and selling pyramid scam essential oils.

  5. it's backed by nothing, unlike the money we use which is backed by…oh wait. well at least it's a legal tender so the law is behind it instead of consensus of whole community which is just dumb.

  6. The guy with the "man scripts" :)) This was so good – you should make more content on the crypto community – like the arguments which are presented by each side on why their coin is better. So much potential for comedy here :)) And lots of people involved so you should make tons of views. Thanks 🙂

  7. This comedian is going to feel like an ass when BSV takes over. BSV is the real bitcoin. He obviously doesn't understand that PROOF OF WORK is in fact behind bitcoin, unlike USD which is backed by the hot air coming out of politicians' mouths. Money has always been associated with human effort (proof of work). A great recent article: https://coingeek.com/proof-of-work-the-heart-of-bitcoin-and-money/. Most of this skit consists of ad-hominem attacks on people that purport to own bitcoin (have no investing experience, poor, living in mother's basement, narcissistic attitudes, low self esteem, etc). USD will eventually become worthless. The great financial collapse will likely happen during this next Presidential term.

  8. The week this was posted BTC was at a four year cycle high. The cycle low or bottom was in one year later Dec 2018. If the four year cycle continues as per the halvening of the new supply every four years, the new high should be in around 2 years, December 2021. LOOK at what the largest central banks are doing , NOT what they are saying. JP Morgan , Morgan Stanly and Wells Fargo all own at least 10 000 BTC each.

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