Will Bitcoin investment become the only game in town…

To understand the potential Return on Investment in Bitcoin, it’s important to take a close look at the fundamentals and market cap of all other major asset …


  1. Hm it's kind of faulty logic to assume wealth will be destroyed due to artificially high valuation multiples, but then proceed to use those asset values as the basis by which you calculate 5% thereof. I think it would be best to discount your final bitcoin price by a weighted-average estimate of how much the assets are overvalued.

  2. I didnt know silver was used in solar panels. Remember where your energy is coming from I guess,' ) 谢谢 Thanks China
    but about this Yep. Luckily I bought a bit of it the end of april . to think that there could be a cataclysmic change in potential . Imagine 1 being worth even 10000 in a months time
    What about ethereum ?The ethereum price seems to be proportional to the bitcoin price . Over the last day or two its dropped slightly which isnt surprising because it seemed to be bouncing up faster than bitcoin. Ethereum doesnt really have the infrastructure that bitcoin has but I've heard it may be possible to store it on the Ledger and Trezor soon. I wonder if it's worth buying ethereum once the bitcoin hits an all time high or to ride it through? I would have thought they should have at least the same value . Maybe bitcoin prices will become ridiculously high then big money will go into ethereum , these applications have to be of huge potential to bitcoin users in the end.

  3. As Mike Hearn ex-core developer points out, bitcoin has serious problems that are systemic. The lack of clear leadership, slower confirmations, and the fact that someone has already double spent a BTC, raises real questions of scalability in the future.

  4. Really good presentation but I think your figures are fantasy. These big figure trillion dollars were created in derivative contracts and when there are debt defaults most of that money will vanish.

  5. Thank you for the work you are doing. You should join myself and Michael Q Todd from Tokyo on Blab. Mon-Friday at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. We talk about Bitcoin, Economics and Bitcoin Mining.

  6. Well done! I saw the potential of bitcoin back in 2013 after the big run-up. I was in despair because I had missed the short term boat. I first heard about bitcoin in 2009 when a fellow silver stacker made a video about it. If I had just thrown a bit of money into it then I could have retired years ago. Oh well. I just signed with regret and decided to try to salvage something from the situation. I studied the bitcoin network and once the price started coming down below 900 I made my first small bitcoin purchase, something like 1/3 of a bitcoin. I bought each month as the decline continued and then in 2015 when I observed that the bitcoin price had bottomed out I got serious and started buying heavily. Right about then silver bottomed too so I split my surplus monthly income between the two. I'm still buying the same amount of silver but now that the bitcoin price is in an uptrend I'm buying less and less every month with the same investment. I skipped buying silver this month though since we've got this nice little dip in the bitcoin price so I put my full surplus income for the month in bitcoin. Next month I'll probably go back to a 50/50 split. That said I still have the pension fund and work and the 401k which I still fund to a small extent so it's not like I'm throwing everything into bitcoin.
    And yes I've known all last year that 2015 was going to be the last more or less normal year we'd have for a while. The economy peaked right on time and now it's tipping pretty dramatically into recession. I took advantage of the situation yet again and sold my rental condo and dumped the money into my house mortgage. Now I owe 59k on this place.
    Here's the quick story. I saw years ago that the economy moves through a cycle of boom and bust that lasts about 8 years. Seeing this I bought silver heavily from 2006 to 2010. Then observed the silver price peak and begin to decline. I wanted a house badly so I had also been watching the real estate crash and saw the house prices bottom out in early 2012. That's when I cashed in half my silver for a down payment and bought a nice bank owned house on a half acre, with 9 fruit trees, in a decent seattle neighborhood, for 160k! Then I stuck a renter in my paid off condo and waited for the cycle to advance. Then in 2015 I saw that the real estate prices had peaked so I sold my condo for about 40k more than I could have got in 2012, and dumped the money into the house mortgage. Then I was so busy with my house that I hardly noticed silver continuing to fall so I didn't take the action I should have there. Then I noticed bitcoin seriously and started buying in 2014 (lost my ass during bitcoin down trend of 2014 but kept buying) then in 2015 I saw that silver and bitcoins had bottomed out and began a last ditch, year long struggle to buy every bitcoin and every ounce of silver I could afford, without going into debt to do it. That's where I am now.
    Now I'm expecting this next economic crash to push the value of my silver and bitcoins up dramatically. Then in 3 or 4 years the crash should bottom out and some kind of recovery should begin. At that point I'll cash in half my silver and either payoff my house or buy stocks. And if bitcoins do what I expect them to do, I might very well be able to retire. I'll watch for another possible down trend to occur in bitcoin since stocks and real estate should begin to recover by then and that might suck some money out of bitcoin so if I see that I'll consider cashing in half my bitcoins and putting that wealth into something else but by then bitcoins may have caught on to such a degree that they will continue to grow. I'll have to observe the trends and take the appropriate action at that time.

    Oh one more thing. In 2012 when I cashed in half my silver for he down payment on my house I realized now I made a mistake. I should have converted my remaining silver into gold at that time. You see silver is a lot more volatile than gold is. During the 2008 recession silver went up about 260 percent while at the same time gold only went up about 70% then as the economy "recovered" they each fell by about the same amount. So if I had converted my silver into gold I would have only lost about 1/3 of the wealth I gained in silver. So basically going into a recession you should be in silver and when the recession bottoms out you should convert your precious metals holdings into gold so you won't lose as much during the recovery side of the cycle. That's what I'll do in about 3 years when I see that the recession has bottomed out. Convert to gold and lock in the gains.

  7. Bitcoin just dropped over 20% in the past 7 days (16.5 % on the Jan 15th 2016 alone) but I'm pretty sure it will come back to 400 mark a month from now.

    Nevertheless, Bitcoin has some serious issues that should be taken care of but the tech is here to stay, the block-chain tech will be copied and another version of crypto-currency similar to bitcoin but better will appear.

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