Will Flare's Spark Token REPLACE XRP?! Community Discussion | MORE Spark Token SCAMS – BEWARE!

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  1. I feel like spark can be an opportunity to stake XRP for interest payments paid in XRP. If XRP goes to $10+ I definitely wouldn't mind staking a hundred grand worth for 5% every 90 days

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  3. PLEASE Moon… … do I have to have my laptop turned on with the Ledger plugged in to receive the airdrop? Honestly I don't plug in my ledger very frequently. I know what's on it

  4. Something NEEDS to be done about the biggest elephant in the room

    Or should I say the biggest BEAR in the room


    Pissing on the holders on a weekly basis for years now and it needs to come to an end

  5. You all that are confused about spark, please go to the flare network site and take the time to read all the blog posts and white papers (that means you Matt) so you understand what it really is.
    It is a brilliant compliment to xrp and with the recent clarity given by the OCC, sec, and dtcc is beautifully positioned to be the most highest utility network in finance.

  6. Hey moonlambo psa it's not just the spark drop apparently there is a fake ledger live website that can cause an error on you nano s and when you input you phrase into that they can steel your xrp I just lost all I had 8812 xrp because of this

  7. I see spark is a tool, to show that xrp is independent of Ripple. Spark will have value after launch, because people will begin to buy and sell. Further cementing the independence of xrp. I don't see spark becoming a commerce coin. I've seen the connection to say that xlm will serve that purpose. The possibility of coins becoming background integration are also present. Like ODL. Or currently HTTP(S). We won't even see it. Just dollars and cents.

  8. Moonlambo, I throughly enjoy and grateful for your content. You are a voice of reason. I’m looking to have my XRP be available so I can take advantage of the Spark token. However I’m so new to this and not very technical so I would like some direction on how I can do this. Unfortunately at this time the platform I use are not taken part in the Spark token. From your content you are doing exactly what I’m doing. So maybe in your simplicity you can do an episode on the steps. Please consider

  9. I'm from the uk and can confirm, its classes as a utility token over here and we all know the UK and USA are best friends that copy each other 🇬🇧🇺🇸 🌙

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  12. I am almost certain that short term spark will exceed XRP in price action. Remember Law of supply and demand. Since no one has 4.5 billion that is hell bent on selling at whatever price like XRP has (Jed). This will be scarce 45B only in the hands mostly of Greedy small investors like me. Then most eth defi projects will migrate to spark. They will need a shit load of this and most of us won't sell coz in the first place it's FREE! Boomshakalaka! (A. Hays). Mid term XRP will start to catch up. Long term XRP will surpass the shit out of spark. Even if we sell spark our XRP remains intact. So it is a lot easier to wait out. Comments welcome. 🤔

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