‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Sounds Off: Stocks, Bitcoin, Trump’s Economy

Jordan Belfort has a finger on the pulse of Wall Street. After all, he didn’t earn the nickname “The Wolf of Wall Street” for nothing. Belfort told TheStreet all about …


  1. All of the kids that support crypto ALL of them are chasing the USD! Lol if your shitty ass monopoly money is so god damn awesome and innovative, why trade it for real money? Idiots.

  2. Can anyone explain why the price of bitcoin goes up? If it's a currency then it would be considered deflated no? because the buying power keeps going down?

    I'm just wondering, I invest heavily in cryptos, I'm just not sure what the argument for bitcoin is value wise. How do you value it?

  3. What does jordan think now that Bitcoin is back to $9500 haha. It's definitely speculative but it's a new form of money and store of value/wealth. It's basically digital money and is limited in amount so it's valuable.

    Jordan thinks everythings a ponzi scheme now. I'd like to hear what he thinks of gold.

  4. Noticed he said it attracts people… he gave 3 fingers you only make and generally Americans and Canadians make an awkward painful thumb and pink fold only used to quantify, and made an expression like oh shit and quickly dropped it… 5:44 he knows 3 people who are at the heart of the bitcoin scam. The unknown owners of the vast majority of the joke passwords aka "bitcoin".
    The actual maker of the fraud of the century.
    Either way, he knows too much to be a passive observer. And given his past… he's already ran away with the money. He's at it again..
    And holy shit, wired as fuck… he's on the coke again too!

  5. SEC has nothing to do with Crypto. There is no swat team coming for any crypto entity. That swat team was special for YOU Jordan the biggest true Fraud…. for robbing $110 Million from innocent people like my dad, my uncle, my mom , my teacher, my sister, my brother and you have ZERO remorse because you are living same lifestyle and the people you suckered are not, they are broke because you kept their money. JORDAN is FELON/THIEF and should be in jail, ….not lifted up on pedestal or asked any opinions besides joke questions like what OTC penny stocks does he like? He can't even vote anymore, they do not want his opinion even on a candidate for office. In old days he would have been "HUNG HIGH AT NOON' and spat on in the streets. Crypto has not robbed anyone. There was no sales pressure or any false promises. It is people investing on their own. Leave them alone……………………..BTW… Karma is a bitch.

  6. Everyone calls him a clown and says he is a scammer. The only difference between him and most of the other suits is that he could not control his drug use. If he had been able to keep a lid on it, he would still be ripping people off and enjoying the respect of every single youtube troll.

  7. I swear this guys dick is small. Not being gross but its a complex that he has to where he has to strive for money, drugs, women, and there always has to be more or bigger: bigger homes, more drugs, more cars, more women, bigger scams. sadly, I like him.  I like his tactic and drive and that's what is so important when chasing the $$$

  8. US dollar isn't backed by anything has no value unless the government has the forceful ability to tax the living hell out of the next generation , sounds like a ponzi scheme to me

  9. This guys a joke , I mean look at this banking system all over the world . For the past 10 yrs governments have just printed money to be more in debt , that's what I call a fraud .

  10. We need to get rid of market manipulators of Cryptos , then Crypto can stabilize and bring in investors with confidence . This market gives NOBODY confidence to buy into when its in the HANDS of 4% of wallets out there controlling 99% of it .

  11. He’s 100% right , the winners are the ones who are gonna create an APPLICATION for this technology like BANKS and Government. This market runs on GOOD NEWS and BAD news and if there is neither it gets PUMPED and DUMPED.

  12. your interview and your belfort is a joke when it comes to even try to talk about crypto! i really feel sorry for the ignorance in this content wast of time seeing!!!

  13. The only way bitcoin can go to zero is to destroy it in other words take it off the internet. He talks about Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs are experts claiming bitcoin is going to zero. Bitcoin is competition to these scoundrels. What do these old bankers know about computer programming IT, and blockchain technology ? Governments are hindering the growth of bitcoin. A lot of power is still in the people. Bitcoin will live on. It's a war between the people vs the elite which will continue for a long time. I just sent $620.00 USD with bitcoin to a Chinese company it cost me 78 cents. Prohibition has failed in China. VPN's in China can defeat their firewall. This man is a fool. The price of bitcoin increases with with a lot of fiat gets injected. The Wolf of Wall Street is a fool to claim government crypto is a good thing. They can trace every transaction we do with it which is not the case with paper fiat money. This man is wrong and I don't trust what he is saying at all.

  14. To quote what Warren Buffet said about Bitcoin, Mr.Buffet was asked to invest in Microsoft by Bill Gates back in late 80's. He didn't want to invest because he simply didn't understand the technology. Now I have a great admiration for Mr.Buffet but I don't know if he is going to be on spot about Bitcoin when he initially turned down Microsoft. On the other hand, I am sure Mr.Wolf here owns a huge bag of Bitcoin.
    Let's face it guys, Bitcoin is driven by technology – a part of technological evolution and it is going no where!!!

  15. Bags crypto, says stocks will continue going up, he said btc actually said bitcoin would go down from 6K and it’s almost doubled since then. He’s contouring to talk shit

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