Woman angry, embarrassed after losing $12K in Bitcoin scam

More than 40 people were scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a Bitcoin scam in York Region. A woman who was a victim of the fraud spoke out …


  1. IRS uses the postal service.
    They don't call you and threat
    They send a pamphlet list of stuff they can confiscate.
    The IRS when you call them give an I'd number and name and I always got southern accent.

    Once you are talking to it's they don't take bit coins. They will help you pay. With a program.
    Just hang up.

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  5. HA HA. HA HA. IDIOT !!!!!!..Why would a government agency want Bitcoin or iTunes gift cards….DOPES ! If your Taxes are legit just tell them to arrest you…Sadly most people are cheating the IRS (CRS) so they fall for this scam.

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  7. 😂 what!? Girl the irs is not looking for no bitcoin payments. I would of said arrest me please. Like seriously it is an online exchange system and it does not have its own banking system, so how is the irs looking for you?

  8. James skorpio we had similar call we know the thick accent in any languages. 100% guy indian from INDIA. EVERYONE OUT THERE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT ANY INDIAN GUY FROM INDIA CALLING YOU EVEN AT ANY BANK BRANCH YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL GIVING YOUR PERSONAL ID INFO TO INDIAN GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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